Need more Reset Tokens

The pace of new heroes are higher theese days and so are the incomming mats for them as well wich is good I guess?

But with every defense out there being limit broken you really need your emblems when you max a hero.

My situation right now is that I am really stuck with 5 or 6 new heroes that can’t be used because I only have to few emblems on them. I have in the other end maybe 10 heroes that I want to reset and that I never use. Their emblems are just collecting alot of dust.

Can you please overlook the reset emblems in the game and offers so I atleast can buy them. And maybe not only in the +$999 offers.

It’s really not motivating to pull for new heroes when the emblems or the reset emblems isn’t just there.

So instead of only having a very few free ones in quests and, if you are very lucky, in tournaments or what else you could instead make $49.9 on me solely by charging $4.99 for each reset emblem.

I have the opposite problem… But i agree with you… Why wouldn’t they sell more… Obviously there is demand… Maybe… They prefer people eating emblems with gem resets.