Need More Mid-Level Players For Growing Alliance


Dreadnaught is a growing, fun, active alliance with 15 out of 30 members that is looking for more mid level members to grow with us. Most of our members have been together for over a year and came from another alliance with inactive leadership. We have a new structure and have been together in Dreadnaught for almost three months. We are currently fighting 5 and 6 start titans and are eagerly looking forward to getting to the higher levels.

So what are our particulars? We have an alliance score of 48647 and our minimums are 200 trophies and we require that all members hit the titan at least one out of three and participate in one out of two wars. I (the leader) will give warnings on every titan missed and every war missed. We have frequent chat and love answering questions and helping our members.

Once you join, you will be promoted to Elder after one month of active play. Our Co-leaders (7 currently) are the ‘officers’ of the alliance and are there to help, using their time and experience to answer questions and help recruit. We will keep the number of Co-leaders at 7.

Other than that, we just want to have fun. We are active and look for the best way to help our members enjoy the game. The best way to do that now is to recruit you and have you join our family. We don’t do drama and we don’t have fights and arguments.

Come check us out and discover what we already know; you are the right fit for us.

Thank you for your time, and we can’t wait to see you in game.

Leader - Dreadnaught


We now use LINE for an alliance community board, with resources being made available there for new members for leveling and tips on fights. Come check us out!


What TP do you consider mid level? I haven’t joined an alliance because I am afraid I will get into a demanding one. I don’t mind daily play since I am new and pretty obsessed. But the game requires grinding and time management. I do not want to spend more than$20 a week on it.


Mid level to me would be anywhere between 15-40. We are really looking for people who are still learning the game but looking for a home to grow with. We are not strict and like talking and joking in chat as well as helping each other out. Our only requirements are to hit one out of three titans and participate in at least one out of two wars. The rules are just there to honor the people who are active to not have to carry the inactive members. Most of our alliance has been together for over a year and we moved from another alliance that had inactive leadership to this one and started over. This alliance has been together for almost three months and we have had our ups and downs. Now, our mission is to grow the members we have to start looking at the higher level titans while still remembering this is just a game and we enjoy playing it.

We don’t require our members to spend their own hard earned cash on the game unless they want to. Everything in the game can be accomplished with patience. We are willing to wait for our members to get to their levels and grow with us.

Thank you for your question! I hope to see you in game soon!



We are now down to 12 open spots to get us to a full alliance. We are currently fighting 5 star to 6 star titans and are growing with a fun group of people. We still have a spot for you!

Come join us today and have fun playing with adults who are active and bring a different aspect to the game.

Thanks to those who have joined and we can’t wait to meet you!



We are at 10 spots open now to fill the alliance and are very lucky to get great people. Thank you to everyone who has joined so far. Each one of you has helped make our alliance great! Anyone else, please come join and see why we are different and our members are so happy with us!


0-800 cups brand new, 800-1800 new but some experience, mid level is 1800-2200, 2200-2500 is advanced players and above that is where the top players usually hang out.

0-1500 team power is brand new, 1500-2500 is new with some exprience, mid level 2500-3500, 3500-3800 is advanced players and above that is top player territory usually.

Have seen people go from zero to mid level within 3 - 4 months if they’re not free to play and get lots of good advice as found on the Line PvP channel and found on some of these postings here etc. A good clan with lots of experience can also be a good guide.


Great explanation. Thank you.


Thanks for all the info. You are a solid bunch and I am really glad I finally joined an alliance! I got gloves today!!!


Hi everyone! Thanks for the responses and the joins. We have had great members come from this forum page and have grown. We are still looking for the remaining 9 people to fill out our alliance. Currently fighting level 6 titans and using LINE and an active chat in alliance chat as well. Great bunch of people in the alliance and the conversations constantly have me laughing.

If you are looking for a good home with a great bunch of people, this is your answer. Currently our requirements are Open with 200 trophies but at some point today I will change that to be more restrictive. My job is to protect our alliance members and we follow a hit one out of three titan rule and participate in one out of two battle rule so that all active members have the opportunity to play with other active members for a solid alliance.

We have a lot of knowledge and can help with set ups and game play. We aren’t totally analytical to the point of quoting statistics, but we can and will find the answer for any question you have. Basically, we are firm believers in helping people with the goal of having fun. Most of our new members have been around level 20 and have a beginning sense of what the game is about, but we are growing as an alliance and have the same goal in mind, getitng our alliance to be the best it can be, and doing it together.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, look up Dreadnaught. We will be here waiting for you!


We now have eight spots left for a full alliance. We have raised required trophies to 600. Come find your new Alliance family.


We are down to 7 spots left to fill out the alliance. If you have been looking for a new home and have over 600 trophies, come check us out. Just hit one out of three titans and participate in one out of two wars and have fun! We would love to have you.


Thank you everyone for the huge responses. We are down to 2 more spots to fill out our alliance. We are currently on a 7 star rare titan and on the way up. We just took out our first 7 star (regular) titan and did it as a team. We love watching our members gain levels and experience. Our members have gathered information and posted notes on the LINE app and conglomerated everything to make it easy to access. Our leaders are reachable through the LINE app any time of day and night (other than sleep) and you can usually get advice or just communication either through chat in game or on the LINE app within minutes. We love working as an alliance and helping each other, accompanied with a healthy dose of laughter. If you are looking for a place to call home and grow with us, your window is closing on being able to join us. We will only require to participate in one out of three titans and one out of two wars but we rarely have an issue. Those rules are usually for people who stop playing and to protect our members who are active.

Come check us out while we still have room! We are waiting for you!


We are finally at our last spot to have a full alliance. We have welcomed members from all over the world and shared information and congratulations. We have married couples, father and son teams, and more. We have been enjoying hearing about the places that everyone lives and have a fully rounded alliance that will almost guarantee that someone will be on and talking no matter when you log on. I am continually impressed by our members and what we have accomplished together. Now, we will grow together and rise in the ranks as a family and see what we can do with an emphasis on just enjoying the game for what it is; a game.

If you are still thinking of joining us, there is only one spot left. Please come check us out and see why people don’t leave.

Thanks to everyone!


We recently had to remove a player due to inactivity so we are back to two positions open in the alliance. We take our members seriously and try to make sure that we keep active members to make it fair for everyone. If you need a break, just let us know and we will be happy to extend that courtesy for you. Our issue is with people who lose interest in the game and stop playing. We will be successful as an alliance and that means keeping an active roster for all of our members.

So, with that said, if you are looking for your forever home and have want an active, fun, friendly alliance. We only ask that you hit one out of three titans and participate in one out of two wars. If you feel like talking, great! You will certainly find plenty of people to chat with no matter the day or night.

Thank you for the response! We have met a ton of great people through this forum.