Need more loot tickets?

Had 300 loot tickets all gone. Please run you 2.99 special and add 100 loot tickets.

Sorry @chavahcandor did you lose them or use them? :confounded:

Used all of them…

@zephyr1… I realize this is about special offers for loot tickets, but I feel it really could be merged with the thread about either buying in the shop or being able to craft them…all are asking for a way to get more of them… what do you think?

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Do you mean this thread? Loot Tickets Should Always be for Sale as a Regular Shop/Store Item

Or this one? Crafting loot tickets

It’s also worth noting that there are offers with Loot Tickets — so I’m not sure what this idea is suggesting that would be new, other than a lower price.


I guess I mean both of those threads lol…… I think there are many players who would like a way to get them more predictably than just waiting for an offer to pop up…just wasn’t sure if it was merge-worthy, or might get more votes if they were together………thanks for your fast (as usual) reply!

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i think they should make Loot Ticket to be craft-able , using Gem sounds right

1 Loot Ticket = 1-2 Gem + *2 Craft Mats + *3 Craft Mats

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Crafting loot tickets is a good idea! Or how about a frequent quest which will give tickets as a reward. 3 - 6 - 9 loot tickets, just like the gem quest.


The quest sounds great. I suggested a Quest for 1* + 2* troops but it would be perfect if we could get some loot tickets + 1* and 2* troops. There could also be 1* + 2* trainers included in the last Stage.

I would love to complete a Quest like this where we could get all of them.

@EmpiresPuzzles @Petri @mhalttu, please consider the idea :kissing_heart:

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The idea of Quests for Loot Tickets exists too, you can add comments and votes here: Quests for Loot tickets


I agree. I’d like to be able to craft them and also be able to buy them in the shop.

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Omg…that would be perfect! I need plenty!! :rainbow: :unicorn:

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