Need more farms

It would be nice to be able to trade a forge and a training camp for a couple of farms. I have almost maxed out all of my buildings and need more food. Which is very expensive if you use crystal.

imo farms are fine, more training camps however would be nice :slight_smile:

You gotta get your stronghold up… there’s a bit of patience and strategy required, but it will all balance.

Don’t waste gems on ham, if you can possibly help it. Raids and replaying levels also provide ham.

Also, get your watchtower levelled and win more provinces to increase productivity. Even the mighty Zero advises prioritizing your watchtower!

Yes correct in the end it all balances out.
Once everything is maxed then you don’t have to wait long for any resource. Crafting mats well that’s a different story lol

My stronghold is at lvl 20. All of my other buildings are at least lvl 18. It would be nice if we had more choice in what buildings we could construct.

Yer. I think it’s designed to be idiot proof - it’s certainly not part of the game with much depth.

This was a good feature when first starting. But not being able to change buildings is a real bottleneck now. My training camps are idle because there isn’t enough food. Unfortunately this is probably programmed into the core level and would require a major rewrite of the source code to change.

Trainingcamps should never idle because of tc11 ir do I get you wrong? Just bank feeders in tc11 and don‘t pick em up.

Wait till your training camps are at lvl 19. They produce troops incredibly fast. You won’t have enough recruits or food to keep them going.

Ye I have them at 20. if there is no ham for 19 just produce in 11 or 2. it should never idle imo

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If you’re short food, use your raid flags to get more. There are plenty of players in the gold and, sometimes, platinum levels who leave big piles in their tower for you.

Upgrade you food storage, too. There appears to be a link betwen the reward of food and iron in Wanted chests to the size of your storage.

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