Need help with WAR def team

Hey! Could you please help with the WAR def team?

  1. I’m pretty new (lvl 44), so have very limited options to build my def team from, and i have NO 5* healers at all :frowning:
  2. We’re running GREEN tank, the rest is optional;

I was lucky to pull Frigg, Onyx, and Cobalt → all three are maxed, and are the core of my def, with Frigg being the tank (i know she’s not great at it, but i don’t have any other Green options yet). I basically need to decide on the other two heroes to add to Frigg-Onyx-Cobalt.

I have:

  1. Non-C Magni, fully ascended + can emblem him;
  2. Zimkitha, fully ascended + can emblem her;
  3. Non-C Joon, fully ascended, but embleming him will require removing emblems from Wu, who i use for titans;
  4. Dr Moreau, 3-70, but have mats for him;

So i need to choose 2 out of the four heroes above to build the team. The options i see are:

  1. Zim-Cobalt-Frigg-Joon-Onyx → rainbow glasscannon;
  2. Zim-Cobalt-Frigg-Magni-Onyx → 4 colors, but 2 blues behind the green tank which is nice + Magni will give some def for Frigg, and Zim will cleanse;
  3. Onyx-Magni-Frigg-Cobalt-Moreau → 3 colors, but durable because of some def from Magni + blinds from Dr Moreau.

Which one of the three above would you choose?

NOTE: I have also some other good PURPLE 5*, one of whom i can ascend instead of Dr Moreau, but i don’t understand how to fit them:
Bera - lvl.1. use instead of who? Instead of Onyx? And she also shares emblems with Joon and Wu, which is bad…
Alfrike - lvl.1. We’re not using purple tank, and i need emblems for Cobalt;
Ursena - 3/70, but we’re running green tank.

So, i think, i need to stick to one of the three options above.

Also, given my core team, which events i should focus on?
For instance, Prof Lidenbrock looks awesome for Zim-Cobalt-Frigg-Onyx-Lidenbrock team?
Or some other Yellow heroes from Valhalla?
Or maybe focus on getting Mica and Garnet (btw, i have Jade, but she’s the worst ninja, right?).

Thanks a lot!

Who are your 4* healers? Any of them with costume and at +19/+20 emblem nodes?

I have:
Non-c Boldtusk+18
Non-c Sabina+19
Non-c Kiril (no emblems → Cobalt)
Non-c Kashhrek (no emblems → Cobalt)
Non-c Melendor (no emblems if i choose Zim)
C Rigard, but lvl 1 - just got him, can level fast. But do i need an additional cleanse (Zim has it)? Plus, C Rigard shares emblems with Onyx. And if i use Non-c Rigard, then Sabina is a better option?

Heroes with costumes use the emblems of their original class, so cRigard would still be using Cleric emblems instead of Ranger ones.
Personally, I prefer to have at least 1 healer in war defense, even if it’s a 4*. But I only have Onyx from your offensive heroes so perhaps someone else will be able to chime in on the synergies.

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Bera would easily work out as a “healer” for you. As long as you dont place her in any of the wings, flank is good spot. The minions are sturdy enough to provide meat shield for your heroes, and they deal damage, poison and block the enemy from summoning minions of their own.

Also, you could us her as ur main raid defense team tank, she’s one of the best tanks at the moment. Dont think she would need emblems as she’s S3 hero so her base stats are quite okay without emblems, but for sure after you have finished Wu Kong you could slowly start embleming her.

Me myself use Freya in my war defense team and raid defense team for the very same reason, I dont have Bera. But no need for a healer if theres a minion hero. I personally think they are health that deal damage (and provide some other benefits, too, depending on the hero).

And if you were to ascend her, which I strongly advice, the defense team could propably look like this: Joon-Bera-Frig-Zim-Cobalt.

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Thanks! I’ll ascend Bera then, but i think without Joon, as he shares emblems with Bera. Which one is better:

  1. Zim-Magni-Frigg-Bera-Cobalt
  2. Zim-Bera-Frigg-Cobalt-Onyx

2 ninjas worth it or Magni is better instead of Onyx for this extra def for Frigg?

Option 2 seems better, im not the biggest fan of Magni in defense, he’s very very glasscannon. And the position for Bera in option 2 is better than in #1. Ninjas are always problematic in defense as theres no way to tell when they will fire, but they have good defensive and offensive stats and crazy damage so #2 should work well.

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