Need help with the game

I need help, I did a 10x summon and I got Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtis, and I don’t know who to level up? My team is Gretel, Sonya, Hu Tao, fully leveled up Kiril and Melendor. I also need help to who would be a benefactor to my current team, from the heros I summoned?

Since you already have two healers, I would go with Tiburtus and after that Rigard. All three are good heroes to have.


Rigard is very valuable for his cleanse ability, but as stated you already have two healers so focus on Tibs. I would do Rigard after that as you already have some debuffers so Sabina isn’t really needed.


Tib, Rigard, Sabina in this order if you don’t get more purples.

Tiburtus’ defense down special is very useful both in raids and titans. Rigard is a good healer with cleansing. Sabina is a ok healer with dispell.


Despite the previous comments I would highly recommend to focus Rigard first. He is so important. Not a lot of cleansers in this game, but a lot of -debuffs. He has solid defense stats with a 42% heal, and the CLEANSE. He could be god.

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Rigard is certainly one of the most important 4* heroes.

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Thank you all. I’ve decided to go with Tiburtus then Rigard. Thanks this was very helpful.

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