Need help with team building

I mostly need some tips for defence team, because I somehow manage on offence, but wont turn away a good advice in offence if someone would be so nice.

Here are my heroes: (there is some leftover crap im keeping just in case)


When it comes to ascension items I can ascend to max 5*:
1 green hero
1 yellow hero

I can ascend all 4* to max.

Im kinda afraid to ascend Vivica, because I know she isnt top tier and if I somehow get something good it will be another year until i can ascend it. But if current situation demands it i can ascend her

You can run this right now:

Ascension’s advices:

  1. While Vivica isn’t top tier anymore she is still valuable, expecially on attacks.
    Don’t be afraid to ascend her
  2. Even if Gadeirus isn’t the best hero to increase the attack he could be valuable on blue titans, story mode and emblem’s quests
  3. Swap Boril for Magni when he will be at 4.80
  4. When Magni will be in your team swap Proteus for Tiburtus
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Is Chao really that good in defence? Never even considered to put him there. Seemed like he lacks both dmg and survivability.

Oh, and if I ascended Vivica does she have any place in my defence team?
For offence I mostly used Wukong for yellow slow

Chao isn’t bad, even if the AI doesn’t always use it smartly…

Vivica could have a placein your defense but to have a bigger impact she have to be near the center, so put her in your defense only when she will be leveld enough.

If you want her as your tank you could replace Chao with your Kelile.

Hello, my friend. Sorry if I am spamming this topic and sorry to OP for kinda hijacking his thread, but I am new and unfortunately I didn’t manage to send a PM even though I checked every piece of information. Could you please contact me as well and help building a team please, kind Mr.FraVit93?

Hi @ich1, only moderators and SGG’s staff members can send PM on this forum but feels free to ask for advices here if you can’t open new topics yet :slight_smile:

If you upload screenshots as @BigPaws did here above it would even be faster to see your heroes :wink:

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First of all thanks for answering and trying to help!
I just started with this game about a week ago and got these heroes:
5* - Domitia
4* - Scarlett, Boldtusk, Gormek, Wu Kong, Boril, Kashhrek

Which ones should I use to defend myself and which ones should I use for raids? And in what order?

Boldtusk - Wu Kong - Kashhrek - Boril - Scarlett
(In that order)
while for attacks you should bring heroes that suits the best your opponents’ defense :slight_smile:

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