Need Help with my Roster

Dear fellow players, this is my roaster and I need help with who of them to ascend next. Biggest riddle for me is on the red ones, Santa, Elena, Grazul, Kelile, Scarlett…
Next problem is the greens. Buddy is almost ready and then follow Melendor, Kingston, Elkanen, Skittleskull, Kashhrek, Horgal, Gadeirus, G. Chameleon.
For blue things are easy. I pushed Captain to 3/60 because I had no other at that moment, now I am working on Boril and after him Vela. Same with yellow, pushed Chao to 3/60 and then Leonidas popped out of my training camp so I started ascending him.Also stopped Domitia for Sartana.
Furthermore I need your advice on building my defence team which now is Boldtusk-Sonya-Cyprian-Caedmon-Li Xiu (that order) mostly because they are all fully ascended. Who is better for my future tank?
All advice is welcome and your help will be appreciated!!!

green: Elkanen sucks, focus on Kingston
red: tough one, i’d pick Santa i guess

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You just don’t have a trio of epic heroes of the same green color or I looked wrong, so I would finish the buddy. If you are already satisfied with the amount of epic heroes you have you can focus on the legendary, but it is good to have a curator of each color, then I would finish Melendor too. Sartana, Kingston, Domitia and Vela are my favorite legendary heroes on that list, but the others are also very good, except Grimble (for now) and Horghall.

Yes Melendor has to be levelled up but I had mats only for one green and chose Buddy and still not sure if I did right…

Buddy over milendore
One of the best choice.
My opinion. :blush:
Me having both maxed. But I use buddy most of the time.
Buddy is the only one diffence droper for green.

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Brianne in costume, but for titans her health and defence won’t help her much on surviving long enough. :).

I see, it’s really complicated … Leveling up the buddy was not wrong since you have other healing heroes and the buddy is really great …

Here’s my advice:

-Work on as many 4* as possible, that will allow you to do well in against titans and in wars.

-Don’t touch any 5 * heroes yet because they take a crazamount of time and resources to level.
-Finish leveling Kellie, buddy, melendor, boomer, sabina etc.(check the heroe regrade, if you need to know which 4 stars are the key ones to focus on)

Once you have 5 comfortable titans teams, 2 for esch color titans, then focus on leveling 5 stars)

You have a Diamond team it’s :
5* Leo, Sartana, santa, vela, Kingstoni


Thanks for detailed reply. I feed each hero with its colour, so for purple is only Sartana ( 5* followed by Domitia also 5*) and for yellow Leonidas that I can work with. I will stop Santa and max Kelile (Scarlett also?) and after Buddy I will find mats for Melendor
You mention Boomer, I read from others in the forum that he is either very situational or worthless that is why I stopped him at 3/60.
Do you have any suggestion for what should be my defense team for now?

Since I want both of them I chose Buddy over Melendor with Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

Yes many at the forum agree with you on Elkanen…

Haven’t maxed the costume, only Brienne.

I agree with @Diamondbus… if you don’t have the mats to max a 5*, don’t devote the time and resources to them yet. 4*s will give you added roster depth quicker and many will be used for a long time.

Some of my favorites on your list…
Scarlett and sabina… surprisely high attack stats
Rigard#2… his cleanse makes him duplicate worthy, his costume makes him triplicate worthy.
Mel… not a lot of options for green heal (plus dispel)
Caed… fast dispel (even though attack stats are meh)
Gad… decent hero for titans with the attack buff.

Thanks for tips! Generally I don’t intend to max 5* but for starts to take them up to 2/60 and wait and see about mats and other hero options that may pop up. Since I can ascend one red - and 5* are out of the question for now - each either Scarlett or Kelile and most propably it will be Scarlett…
Sabina and 2nd Rigard are on the plans in the close future, as soon as Sartana reaches 2/60.
I have Caedmon fully ascended - should I start a second ? The green I am working now is Kashhrek who I read is good for platinum, but still is low 2/40. Should I better stopp him for Gad?
And Yes Melendor has to go up to 4th tier but I have only 1 compass and hesitate…
Thanks again for your time !!!

Oops. Missed the max caed. No need for #2 right now. Plenty others to focus on.

Not sure what the best answer to gad vs kash is. On paper, looks like kash is a better tank. But you’ll outgrow him so fast whereas gad will be useful for a longer period of time. I was tanking with LiXiu back in the day so I never maxed kash.


Gad > kash


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seems that gad wins…

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Just more perks overall

Damage + heals + attack boost
Makes him more versatile than kash so you’ll be able to use him in more than 1 area of the game

When i was building 4s, versatility was what i went for but still kept more weight towards titans

Just my 2 cents

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Gadeirus you will use in the long run a lot more. I brought him to some of the final levels in legendary quest had jackal next to him you could probably take Colen as gadeirus heal can keep Colen alive plus the 48+ attack with Colen tile damage will be hard hitting

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