Need help with my defense team

Screenshot_20190312-101321 Screenshot_20190312-101340~2 that’s what I have to work with…

As a starter for ten, I would level up Boldtusk to replace Gormek, Caedmon to replace skittleskull, Hu Tao to replace Wu Kong.
Sonya is good too if you are happy to replace one of your healers - Kiril
Then level up the others which may take you a little onger.

updated … I’m having a hard time getting the upgrade items… I spend very little money on this game… so I just have to be patient…

I would go with Rigard for purple heroes. He’s a bulkier than Sabina, and his heal also cleanses. + you’ve got Sonya already to dispell buffs with.

Hu Tao for yellow heroes. Unless you have 5 or more poison darts already… in that case I’d work on Vivica. Orbs will come eventually, and even at 3/70 Vivica’s useful.

Same with your red heroes. I would do Boldtusk if you’re missing 6 rings. Otherwise, Khaghan. You’ll want to do both eventually but I think Khagan’s worth it if he’s your only 5* red.

Green heroes I’d work on Caedmon. Kash is good in defense, but imo that’s the only place where he really shines in. He’s at his best in raid tourneys that limit you to 4*s and allow healing. Whereas I feel Caedmon is much more versatile.

I would finish Sonya before you think about Boril myself. Boril’s useful in the PvE campaign, his riposte works well against hard hitting bosses you’ll find there, particularly in season 2.

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Thanks DaveCozy, just recently got Sonya to 70, finally got another set of gloves the other day, but short on other materials… closest to getting Caedmon… need one more shield… Boldtusk is definitely on my list to get 70… i did just get Elkanen, should i get him to 3/70 instead of Caedmon?

No, unlike Vivica who can be helpful at 3/70 with her support skill, Elkanen is not good until he can reach 4/80 because his damage output is really mediocre at 3/70. Only work on him once you have or are close to getting the 6 mystery tonics he needs.

I would work on Caedmon instead. You can never have too many dispellers.

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Thanks, i finally got Boldtusk ascended to 4… now its just a matter of getting him to 70… one more shield and i can get Caedmon to ascension 4…

So I have the option to get Hu Tao or vivica to 70… Recommendations?

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