Need Help with my 3*/4* Teams, Please!

Hi, I’ve been playing this game for a while now. I’m Level 27. Stronghold level 17.

These are all the heroes that I have right now. I’d like your advice for the best potential I could get out of them for Defensive Team Raid, Offensive Team Raid, and Team Titans. If you had these same heroes, where would you use them to get the maximum damage, who would you invest in and try to ascend, who would you get rid of? Their current power stats are in brackets.

HOLY: Jackal (510), Bane (293)
DARK: Tyrum (412), Balthazar (293)
FIRE: Falcon (495), Scarlett (480),Azar (296)
ICE: Boril (587), Valen (366), Gunnar (258)
NATURE: Cabin Boy Peters (402), Belith (413)

Also, given that I’m now able to do training by color, which 3* heroes should I try to get through training?

Every little bit of advice would help. Thank you in advance!

Who did you pay to get all those good heroes? Heh, Nice!

I usually upgrade 4* first. If I don’t have enough 4* for duplicate colors on Titans, or I’m going to participate in the Beginner Event, then I start raising my 3* too.

I very much like Bane, Balthazar, Valen and Belith. I would raise every hero you’ve listed, 4* first. (Pick a color and go. If you often face a certain color Titan, raise the 4* it is weak against…Jackal and Scarlett maybe?) :wink:

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Here’s what I would do.

Against Raids, I use Scarlett and Falcon together and it’s LETHAL. Falcon fires first, softening them up, and then Scarlett wipes them out. Try to fire them both with a red gem on the board. Then you can reload them and fire them again. Pretty much wins the match right there.

I’d also use Jackal, he softens up for yellow although he’s a glass cannon. I happen to have him and Joon, so I do that combo all the time.

Boril is VERY commonly used in raids. He’s so useful sitting in the middle, and he’s frustrating to fight against.

CBP would be AWESOME to have. Imagine having him charged and looking across the board to see which hero is about to fire his/her special, and just SILENCING that hero.

That’s your combo right there. Forget the 3 stars. Time to play with the big boys.

Now you get to join in the Trail of Tears that we all travel: Waiting not-so-patiently for ascension items.

Good luck!