Need help with my 3*/4* team build <<<>>>


Hello guys!

I need a little bit help with my heroes, this is what I’ve got:

And the question is, what type of heroe I have to pick for titans, raids and provinces?

This my thoughts:

  1. Purple: Priska (I’m hounting for Tyrum or Balthazar)
  2. Yellow: Bane
  3. Blue: Kiril (Hounting for Valen)
  4. Green: Brienne or Peters?
  5. Red: Nashgar


  1. Purple: Rigard
  2. Yellow: Bane
  3. Blue: Ulmer
  4. Green: Brienne or Peters?
  5. Red: Jahangir

No idea…

Anyone? :grinning:


Das gleiche Problem habe ich auch und weiß nicht was das beste wäre und wen ich mit rein nehmen könnteUploading…

Ich habe mehrere Helden und weiß nicht wie man diese am besten aufstellt und wie einsetzt… Ob PvP oder Titan oder das farmen der Karte


You don’t have a large set of heroes, so you need to focus on your 4 stars. All of them

Cabin Boy is great for raids and good all around. Kiril is both healer and buffer and Rigard is healer plus cleanse. Add in Bane and Nashgar for a well rounded rainbow map team. On tougher maps don’t underestimate sprit link from kilani.

Until you get a larger base of leveled heroes, your raid team should just be your strongest 5 (same as above when leveled - Kiril Cabin Boy Rigard Nashgar Bane).

For titans, remember gems and buffs are where you do your damage, not attack specials. they are less important. Again, you’re going to want all 3of your 4 stars just based on stats and survivability. Then pepper in other 3 stars based on what is strong vs titan color.

Your immediate goal should be leveling and ascending your Kiril, Cabin Boy and Rigard and pair them with your two fast attack 50s (bane and nashgar).


Was denkst du über mein Team?


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yes, english please. also, start your own thread, don’t hijack someone else’s. happy to respond in a separate thread.


Thank You very much for Your answer! Helps me a lot.

So, for titans, raids and provinces my team should look like that, right?

For titans I’m putting my 4* heroes and when e.g. titan is Red I use 2x Blue heros and 0x Green hero? (Kiril, Ulmer, Bane, Rigard, Nashgar)

How about AoE Jahangir? Leave him on bench? And Brienne… She is great for titans.

I’m going to level my heroes.

Thanks again!


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To arrange heroes, click Heroes, click Edit Team, swipe left or right to select team 1, 2, 3, then click individual heroes and click the red X to remove them. Click a new hero to fill that spot. Don’t forget to add your higher-level troops at the end!

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you’re going to want to level Cabin boy and Kiril before replacing Ulmer and Brienne.


Yeap, I know.
Thanks !


Against Titans, use mana potions to charge Bane and blind the Titan as needed.


This is smart, but of course you can also use arrows, before you charge Bane:)