Need help with Line app


I’m new to the Line app and don’t really know the in and outs yet. I’m trying to find all these groups that were mentioned in a thread I came across. Some of the groups mentioned were Spice Academy, Hero Debate/Advice, and Hero Advice 2.0. I even looked up jrigs but all that comes up is no results found. I commented in the thread but since it was an older thread nobody has gotten back to me. What am I doing wrong? Can someone please help.

Thank you

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Give me a minute

I’ll help with screenshots

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Follow screenshots above in order

Once you add me on line, let me know so i can delete those above

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Does not work, you need check your ID

Nothing more than what @Rigs has said.

Weird i just checked it and believe others have been succesful

Try again, i needed to hit a button

Problem solved


Works, thought you might have made your self invisible :wink:

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Pretty much did lol somehow unchecked the “allow others to add you by line id” option

Thank you rigs! Just looked for you and you came right up. I added you

The comment you made was withdrawn. Did you post how to find groups in it? Or do I need an invite to those groups?

It’s back up now

Just do what’s in the screenshots in that order

I found and added you. As far as the groups will you invite me in or is it the same process to find the groups as it was to find you.

Thanks for your help

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I’ll hook ya up

20 char

Do you want me to remove the screenshot? Have to ask as I don’t get why are you removing them in the first place.

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Lol cause my groups and friends were in mine

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