Need Help with Images for E&P Wiki

Been trying to return to editing and adding some things to the Empires & Puzzles Wiki (the English one at least). While some people have been able to get transparent images for the cards of the heroes, we’re currently missing a lot of actual icons for the heroes (their max portraits BEFORE emblems) and family icons for the newest family.

I’m not sure if there’s a place where people have already uploaded transparencies (when the content have released into the game and NOT anything related to beta). Additionally, if there anyone that can list the “titles” of the new heroes (when you click the magnifying glass) or if you know what the “base stats” of the heroes when pulled, it would help a bunch for me and a few of the other contributors who do not have the heroes ourselves.

I can list off some of the heroes who we need help updating. Thank you!
The Wiki in question

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If you have Line, I can invite you to a hero group with amazing admin who keep all hero / game information updated. Let me know as the group is usually full and sometimes has space.


Add me too if it’s possible.

Id Tato

Waiting in the queue :grimacing:

Is that your line Id? Can’t find you… Sorry.

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@Sarah2 sorry

My Id tatosaurio

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Invite sent :blush:.

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That does sound like a swell idea and might help me a bunch if people happen to know/have what I might need!

I’m mxjunie on Line.

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Invite sent

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