Need help with focus and layoffs

First off all, thank you for taking the time to read this. I’ve been playing for just past 2 years now and my collection of cards has gotten middle heavy. I’ve saved some cards for “just in case of the academy” and others I had Hope’s for in my first year but never use now.
I got Malosi yesterday and love his anti kunchen possibilities.
I have Heimdall and Lianna both sitting tight, who gets the mats? I have Ma North emblemed.
Thanks in advance for any and all advice

What color tanks does your alliance use in wars?

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We currently dont assign tank colors.
Here’s my defense for the past 5 months.

But yesterday I switched to this out of boredom…

Should I take cards that I’m not using and feed them?? An almost done cyprian? Kash? Non essential 3*s?


I wouldn’t until hero academy comes out and we see if having extra heroes has anymore benefit than just xp for other heroes

But that probly depends if you need the space

1/1 3* & 4* are typically safe to feed to a 5* you’re maxing once you get to 4/60 or so

Would ask about specifics as far as event heroes, seasonal heroes, and heroes you have costumes for or have costumes coming out

May trial and error some of the maxed 3s and 4s you have that you don’t use and see if any of them can provide any value in any of the raid tourneys as well. If you’re typically hittin below top 1% then there’s room for improvement

I still have every 4* i ever maxed and every 5* i ever pulled except 1 thorne and 1 isarnia because i got impatient 1 day and didnt want to spend the hams eating more 1* to finish off maxing a 5* i was workin on


Thanks Rigs! All costumes i have are equipped.

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New ones are comin soon btw

Caedmon and others were just in beta and I’m sure we’ll see some more soonish as well

Anyways hope that general advice helps

If not then I’ll try to break down to more specifics

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It helps a lot. Thanks Rigs.

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