Need help with Diamond raid defense

For me it’s very similar: i’m around 2500 cups… +/- 100… all time high 2748 cups

right now i have 1 4* and 4 5* and i can typically stay in diamond (or at least open my chest in diamond, if i’m kicked out of it i can go back in…

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When did you used to do that? Things have changed a bit since the emblem system is up. Some 4* can be effective in diamond defense, like BT or Wilbur, but I think 5* heroes are the bottom line for diamond now. Everybody is getting better every minute in this game.

So my answer to the OP would be to max his 5* during the next months. That would be the only way to achieve his objective.

May i ask how your defense team looks like?

And a few other questions:

i 'll soon have 5 maxed 5* heroes (Sartana, Leonidas, Marjana, Frida, Evelyn) but no 5 star healer. 4 * Healers available: Rigard 4-70+10, Boldtusk 4-70+11, Kiril 4-70 and Kashhrek 4-70…

so i guess having 4 5* and one healer is the best i can do to stay in diamond?

right now i run: Boldtusk, Frida, Marjana, Sartana, Leonidas

but i’m kicked out of diamond every now and then (down to 2200 … e.g. when i reach 2700+ i loose 500 cups in a short time frame…)

but i guess there is not much i can do about it or do you have suggestions to improve the situation?

thanks in advance…


I still don’t have a full team of 5*, although I’m up to more than the couple that I had when I first started staying in Diamond regularly.

I’ve changed my Defense a whole bunch of times in various configurations, and typically haven’t found that any of them radically changes where my cups hover.

On Offense I’m using nearly all 4* against nearly all 5* teams. My trophies are coming from Offense, and being lost on Defense. But it still ends up with me in Diamond consistently, since it ends up balancing out as I gain and lose cups.


Speaking of Diamond Arena, it would be cool to have a new arena. The last time I dropped below 2400 was a very very long time ago, and I’m not really raiding that much. To have the chance to gain a slight loot advantage by opening a chest in a 2600+ or even 2700+ cups arena would be something cool and a good incentive to raid a bit more. As well as a new goal to reach for top players.

Maybe something like that would be a good idea in the future :

Bronze (0+)
Silver (500+)
Gold (1000+)
Platinum (1600+)
Diamond (2200+)
Crystal (2600+)

Or not.

There are actually at least a couple suggestion threads along those lines:


@JimP, I’m holding diamond with only a single maxed five star on my roster. As you say, four stars + emblems are workable. My defense is under 4,000 team power.


That single 5* must do ALL the work then… :wink:

I’m guessing Obakan. He’s so overpowered.

I would try them as defending team, putting Tiburtus instead of Rigard could also be a viable option. I don’t see them stay into Diamond everynight but it should be your best defense right now.


So not the top defensive heroes in the game, but a good collection of the 2nd tier ones. They’re serviceable.

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Never run Wu on defence.

Wu does fairly good in a defense when backed up by AoE strikers and Ranvir will also be good on this aspect.


Wu is cool everywhere, but always a bit of a gamble. I even met him as tank and lost due to missing dark tiles. Kept throwing at him, but the others also got charged and boom.

My def (4096 so far) without any hitter kept me at 2500 cups for month until today, but I’m already back. Inari came in for Danza, but no recognizable change. 2600 cups seems to be the magic gate. No def will keep you well above. Nice balance in the game.

Wu isn’t a defender. He does too easy.

I’m sure he isn’t a top defending heroes but I’m also sure that the defense I posted above is the best raid team he could field when it comes to holding cups.

My point is that he needs to be replaced ASAP if improvement is the goal.

So the advice is to pull for new heroes?
Well, everyone strives for better heroes but he were asking how to field his actual heroes and as we don’t even know if he have enough ascension materials to ascend his first 5* rainbow team I were just answering by suggesting a defensive raid formation.

Of couse Wu Kong woulnd’t fit a nomal Diamond defense, like any other 4* under 10+ emblems.


“Need help with diamond raid defence”

Help: —> step 1: replace Wu.


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@Halifax Have you tried another tank instead of ares? I prefer drake then mis over ares, wondering if you tried them out and any noticeable differences.

I do have ascension mats to ascend Viv, Isarnia, and one green hero right now. I need one more tabard to be able to ascend Sartana, and two more rings for either Khagan or Azlar (I assume Azlar is the better choice here?). Enough meat and fodder to level them all up is another question, that takes time, but I’ll get there.

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