Need help with defensive team and one for raids please

Here is my roster any help would be appreciated

Hello, your def team in my hands would be:
Melendor, tiburtus, Chao, rigard, grimm.
I don’t know why, I want to put it that way🙄

If you’re interested in my opinion what to level next than I would suggest:
Yellow finish wu, next gretel, then finish hu thao to 3:60, work on danzaburo
Purple, finish both rigard and tiburtus, next I would go gafar, then sabina, ameona
Green hansel, then cademon, little john
Blue as you already have a lot of healers first work on sonya, but eventually you want to level kiril as well
Red I wouldn’t rush to ascend kelile, better wor on scarlet, she is better on offense, and after that if you still don’t have wilbur, work on gormek


continue from your last progress…

Congratulation for maxed and emblem BT :+1: :tada:
Scarlet, then next I think Gormek and Colen has the same rate IMO, so you just decide which you prefer. Just like last my suggestion, bring both to 3.60, decide later which to ascend or if you get another good red, hold them.

Congratulation for maxed and emblem Grimm :+1: :tada:
Continue Kiril ASAP, so on…

Good switch for Hansel priority. Then next Caedmon.

Wu Kong, Gretel

Rigard, Tiburtus, Gafar, Sabina, Cyprian, Ameonna
Ascend Rigard, bring other to 3.60, decide later on.


Who should I have on my attack team? I stopped Kiril to level Gato, not sure if that was the right choice, however, what’s done is done

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There is no such thing as attack team, there are heroes who work well together or heroes who are good in offence, but team… You have to choose team once you check opponents lineup.
You have kiril, grimm. Its great combo, together with sonya it’s almoust sure - 1
Also boldtusk with gormek will be good pair, with scarlet or kelile as shooter
Rigard will be good with any of his colour
Hansel, and gretel are great offensive heroes. Melendor is great against counterattackers etc. Etc.


Just like @Mezviets said, attack should depend on opponent color and skills.
The keys is synergy, means like example basic: +att allies, -def opponent, this can deal great damage to opponent. So BT+Gormek and Kiril+Grimm both are synergy and stack color, great tile damage VS opponent weak tank color.

BT+Kiril has little conflict because +att overwrite each other.
Grimm+Gormek, the -def opponent overwrite each other.

IMO, focus on Kiril, if you want leveling both at the same times, I also double level until I get 3 rainbow *3 heroes maxed, but focus *4 to 3.60 fisrt (specially best heroes like Kiril/Boltusk/Rigard/Wu Kong).
*1 blue heroes level for Kiril until his skill 8/8 else level for Gato.
*2 blue heroes level for Gato, and switch after Kiril skill maxed.
It is slower, but growing at the same times.