Need help with def team

Hi guys, hoping to get some help with my AW and raid defense team. Could do with some suggestions, thanks in advance

For defensive purposes, you don’t have many options until you level a few more. I would suggest making Titans, events, and attacking your priorities, since that’s where you’ll find most of the mats you need to ascend. Keep all of your heroes for war and level them all up, even the dupes. I prefer variety, so I usually suggest leveling new heroes before starting on dupes; at least until you have a few different characters in each color, and star level, to choose from.

I would work on your 4* first actually, since they’re quicker and stronger than 5* at the mat wall (3/60 vs 2/60), and you’ll use them for just about everything. 5* are great, but take too many resources and time to level, and ultimately, unless you have all of the mats required to ascend them, they’ll be sitting at 2/60 or 3/70 for some time. I would only start on 5* after you’ve finished at least two full rainbow teams of 4*. & Even then, I’d maybe start on 3* for more choices in war and to participate in the beginner challenge event. They’re super cheap and fast to level, and can help fill out your roster quickly.

For defense, I would always try to run a rainbow team to deter people from color-stacking against you; don’t make it too easy for them. Currently, your strongest heroes are: Lianna, Richard, Vivica, Sabina and Gormek. Out of those five, I’d make Richard your tank, flanked by Vivica and Gormek, wings Lianna and Sabina (left). That should work until you get a few more choices leveled, but I wouldn’t level heroes for defense solely. Personally, I think it’s the least important aspect of the game.

So, I’d finish off your heroes at whichever ascension they’re currently at, then start on the important 4*. It looks like you’re spreading your feeders to everyone, and that slows your progress down significantly. I’d suggest only feeding one hero of each color at a time. So get everyone to their max level (if you’ve already started with them), and then level these heroes, in this order:

Red: Since Gormek is done (for Titans) might as well finish off Kelile since you’re close, then get BT in the works for his amazing buff and heal, next I’d do Scarlett for the high attack stat, then Colen for defense, last do dupes or 3* (4*) Azar (Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Namahage) (3*)

Blue: Might as well finish Richard to 70 since he’s one of your strongest, and then Aegir since he’s also close to 60, but then definitely move past the 5*- these two might not even be worth the mats (5*) Get Grimm in the works asap, he’s one of the best blues and definitely the best pulverizer, then Kiril for the heal and dragon banner, then Sonya for the fast dispel, Boril for the riposte, dupes, Agwe last (4*). Valen (Ulmer, Gato, Gunnar for the link) (3*)

Green: Since Lianna is close, might as well get her to 70 and then move onto your 4* until you get the necessary mats to ascend her- because she’s worth them (5*) Ascend Hansel if you can because he’s one of the best 4*, then I’d start on Caedmon for the dispel, Melendor for the heal and dispel, Kashhrek to make your war tank, Little John for his high attack stat, dupes, Skittle last. (4*) Brienne (Belith, Berden, Mnesseus) (3*).

Yellow: Vivica is the best healer in the game, so she’ll probably be worth the mats; finish her to 70 and start on others while you wait (5*). Get Wu Kong in the works asap, he will help you with Titans and events significantly- the best 4* for both, so I’d even say to set aside Viv til you get Wu finished, but up to you. Next, Li Xiu for the mana control on all, dupes, Hu Tao last. (4*) Bane is done, work on these if/when you get them (Gan Ju, Melia and Kailani for the link) (3*).

Purple: Since Sabina is done and waiting on mats, get Rigard in the works for another deep heal and cleanse (unless you pull Tibs, I’d put him before Rigard), then Cyprian for the riposte, dupes last (4*). Only purple 3* you have is Prisca, and I’m not a huge fan of her. Level if you get Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin and/or Gill-Ra (3*).

Once you get all of these heroes decently leveled, I’d make Kashhrek your war tank, maybe even your regular tank depending on how strong your 5* are at that point. Try to stay rainbow, put fast manas in the wings. If there’s only one healer (that isn’t a tank), make sure they’re flanking. If someone buffs attack, or dispels buffs, put them on the left side (since Al moves from left to right).

The best tanks are ones that either hit fast and hard, killing your opponent before they can even go off; or, the ones that support and protect their flanks enough to have them go off in order to kill your opponent.

Kashhrek is the best 4* tank, but doesn’t work so great once you’re in high plat with several 5*. Richard will make a decent 5* tank, Vivica too. Aegir is too controversial to really know for sure, but maybe.

This was a lot of info, but I figured I’d help guide you in the right direction. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.


Thank you so much for the detailed advice!! Yeah will go with what you suggested, think I be leaving the 5 stars at their levels for now and work on the 4 stars, so as to do events. Haven’t manage to get pass any events as yet, so I’m trying to prepare for the upcoming Xmas event. Hopefully I get BT and Kiril up to 60 by then.

I’m leaving most at lvl 40 or so for the time being cos I see from 40-70, there might just be a 100hp increase which isn’t too much, since that can be made up with a healing pot. Feel having a variety of heroes might be a better option to tackle events.

Appreciate the time taken to have a look at my rooster, Happy Holidays in advance!!

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Leveling them up from 40 to 70 might only take a couple of days, depending on how many hours you spend playing. Not only their health increases, but also all of their other stats. It definitely is worth it to level them up to 70! More survivability and higher attack stats.

There’s no science to this, because it’s all subjective and based on our personal experiences. Anyway, @RandaPandah gave you great advice about which heroes to work on next. I would suggest you to follow that general path after the event is over.

So you’re preparing for the upcoming Christmas Event.

Do you have the materials to bring Wu Kong to 4th ascension? If so, then I would suggest to you to work on Wu Kong immediatly and leave Vivica be for now. If not, bring Vivica to 3/70.

Lianna at 3/70, Richard at 3/70 and Gormek at 3/60 (or 4/70?) will form a nice trio to deal neccessary damage to bosses and mobs during the next event. Remember to use Gormek his special first, before Lianna’s and Richard’s. Possibly add Wu Kong to the mix and your tile damage will make a huge difference. The last hero could be either Vivica or Sabina. I would bring Vivica, and thus 2 yellows, unless you can ascend Sabina to 4th ascension now. For stronger levels (or when leaving out Wu Kong) you might want to take out Richard and bring Sabina along also. Double heal in difficult levels usually works great also.

Bringing Vivica (along with Wu) will give you one tile color, which deals significantly more damage. Vivica will also apply a defense buff and remove status ailments in order to help your unfinished heroes survive longer.

Craft some turtle or dragon banners to give yourself more time to charge up your hero’s special attacks during the first wave of harder levels.

Hope this will help you increase your chances for the upcoming Christmas Event!


Thank you @TomV93 , I like how detailed you are; it’s nice knowing I’m not the only one who types up paragraph long replies :wink:

To the OP: Tom has given you some solid advice as well, regarding the event. This next seasonal event will feature red and green opponents, so you’ll want to make sure to have red and blue heroes ready for that. Gormek will be a huge help. Same with Richard.

Last seasonal event, I ran two healers and it worked fabulously. It takes a lot more time, but I was 800+ under the recommended TP, so I truly believe that’s what helped me stay alive long enough to finish. I highly suggest leveling two strong healers for this next event, and do your best to finish all levels. Even if it seems out of reach, it isn’t. I didn’t even stack colors, and brought in a full rainbow team. If you stack, I would do red [preferrably], but if not, blue. Wu Kong will help you kill the mobs a lot easier with tiles. If you struggle with minions, I’d highly suggest you pull from Atlantis and level up Gobbler [if you get him], he’s not great but he will help with that.

The next event will be reflect blue, so be aware, you won’t want to bring in any attacking blues, and ideally no blues at all. I would recommend seeing how far you can go while it’s live, you may be surprised. Plus, if you give it your best shot and get as far as you can, you’ll see how close you are to being able to complete the events- and know about how leveled your heroes need to be in order to finish.

Last event, I finished all three stages for the first time without the 75 gems to continue. I would highly recommend spending the 75 gems if you make it to the last stage and manage to kill at least one of the bosses, and severely damage another, but preferrably when two of them are dead. It’s worth it to get those mats. I finished intermediate with 3/60 4* and advanced with two 3/60 4*, one 2/60 5*, one 3/40 5* and one 3/70 5*- so they are doable without maxed heroes (none of mine were maxed).

And as Tom said, I would actually finish off all your heroes at whatever ascension they’re on. Yeah, you only add a few numbers to their stats, but those numbers can make all of the difference. That way, you can move on from those heroes for good, knowing there’s nothing more you can do until you get the necessary mats.

The only 5* you have that are worth ascending are Lianna and Vivica, the others I would wait and play with for a bit before spending any hard earned mats on them. I’d rather the 3* mats go to your better 4*, since they will be very helpful in all aspects of the game. Hansel Caedmon and Melendor, Boldtusk and Gormek (preferrably Wilbur if you pull him), Grimm Kiril and Sonya (& Triton), Wu Kong (& maybe Chao), and Sabina and Rigard (& Tibs & Proteus) all deserve mats for the 4* (not including event heroes, but listed the good Atlantis heroes if you make pulls this weekend).

Good luck :blush:


I am steering away lvling my 5 stars atm cos im not sure if I can finish the legendary (hardest mode) for the event. Was thinking of concentrating on the 4 stars to be able to finish the easier event.

But hearing from you guys, looks like I might just go full on to lvl up my 5 stars.

It’s a amazing community here in this forum. Great to have selfless people like the 2 of you :heart_eyes:


I found the advice given to be extremely helpful, too. And actually written so I can understand it! For once it didn’t feel like a Masters class in chemistry.

Thank you for taking the time to help more than one of us.


To be honest? @RandaPandah already told you that both Lianna and Vivica are definitely worth the ascension materials. Aegir and Richard are not the best in their color and class category, so you might want to keep them at 3/70 (Rich) and 2/60 (Aeg). This is up to you of course; play with what you have or let patience reward you on the longer term.

Your thoughts about concentrating on 4* heroes are in fact excellent. Look at Randa her advice and you’ll notice that she has also suggested you to level up your 4* heroes, except possibly Lianna and Vivica. They require quite some materials for their final ascension, so you might have to hold on to them at 3/70.

Why focus on 4* heroes? Randa already provided you with the answers, so I can leave out a couple of extra paragraphs (:wink:) in this post:

So for now:

  • Level up the heroes which have been suggested to try and beat the Christmas event or to at least get some ascension materials out of it. It must be possible! Then focus on your 4* heroes.

I’m happy we both could help you :blush:

Work on the heroes suggested, especially those 4* listed at the beginning, and give the events your best shot. Don’t let the recommended TP, or the fact your heroes aren’t maxed, deter you. They are possible to beat, but it takes patience, and sometimes a few extra lives/tries. During the seasonal event, if you can’t make it past a stage: reevaluate- level up or bring in some different heroes, take in different items, and/or apply a different startegy.

You may want to bring in battle items to use during the boss stages. I’m a sucker for having health pots with me (as the extra safety net, just in case my healers aren’t ready), mana pots for the healers would work too, but arrows, axes, bombs and/or dragon attacks can help significantly to shave off some of that damage and make the specials miss or hurt quite a bit less. I honestly think those are the most crucial items for challenge events (and possibly seasonal, but I didn’t use them then). Save them for the bosses, and unload at a steady pace (when a boss is about to go off, and the effects from the previous item have worn off).

Also, make sure you always charge your specials before the next stage, to ensure all of your heroes will be ready to go off together. & Do your best to save diamonds and bombs til the boss stages too; those combos will help charge your heroes and leave quite a lot of damage.

A mana controller (Hansel, Gretel, Peters, Proteus, Chao) can help in those situations too, to make sure those bosses don’t go off before you’re ready.

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask anytime. I frequent this forum almost everyday, so I’ll do my best to help when I can :blush:

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Hi guys, just did a couple of pulls and got some new Atlantis 4* heroes. Am planning to lvl up Cyprian just for my war alliance def, would this lineup be ok? Or should I swap Gormek for BT, Wilbur or Other red heroes in my list?


Or should I concentrate on having Kash as my tank and forgo Liana in the AW def and work my team are Kash for it?

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