Need help with building team and ascention order

Hi, new here.

Im playing EP for 50 days top.

Currently holding
3/60 Gormek
3/60 Sonya
3/60 Kashhrek
3/60 Proteus
2/60 Neith

Got in stash also
2/50 Tiburtus
1/5 Melendor
2/15 Little John

Only worth mentioning atm.

Any suggestion how my defense team should look like and what should i upgrade first? Got my first compass today. Only buying vip pass with money.


Short answer: Proteus first (though you might want to up whoever you decide to be your tank first)

Long answer: wait for @jinbatsu post

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Great… and nice rosters.

  1. Setup minimum 2-3x rainbow Rare set, for event challange and tournament, and best for your Alliance War stacking.
  2. Do not level any legendary, start leveling and ascending priority epic heroes 2-3x rainbow set.

Red: wait…
Blue: Sonya
Green: Melendor, LJ, then Kashhrek
Yellow: wait…
Purple: Proteus ASAP, Tiburtus

Just like @yelnats_24 said, if you have only one compass, then Proteus is the 1st priority.


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