Need help with build - started 2 days ago

Hey all, I started two days ago and I think I’m kinda lucky as I already have 1 5* and 3 4*.

However I dont know how I should build my team. Iwas first thinking of making a full purple team but I read that kinda sucks and it’s better to have a rainbow team. Now I don’t know if I should use Aeron or Rigard

Should i use rainbow for both def as offensive?

My current team
Baine | Kelile | Aeron | Sonya | Berden


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The 5 heroes I would start building out are Sonya, Kelile, Bane, Rigard, and Brienne. After that Aeron and Berden.

Reason for Rigard over Aeron is that for a team just starting, the full team big heal is WAAAAY more useful. It will help you to survive things like the rare quests, calendar events, monthly events, etc which give ascension materials. Aeron is very good, no doubt, but for your team that’s just starting, the full team heal is more important.


Welcome to the game! Be prepared for the long haul, this is a game that takes months to develop your teams. You’ve done a big step coming to the forums and you’ll be leagues above the masses in no time with what you can learn here.

To your original question, it will make progressing easier by leveling a rainbow team first.
For your team, what Dante said is perfect advice. Listen to him :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few more tips for you and others reading this to back up what @Dante2377 said;
Ignore your pretty 5* heroes for now. Level a 3*/4* team before you touch any of your 5*. Even if the hero isn’t top tier, they max quicker and cheaper (very important for developing bases). The quicker they level the sooner you can complete all of the rare quests, complete the challenge events, and fight stronger Titans which all give you ascension items that you will need. Most people hit this wall and get frustrated as their 5* sits there underleveled and underpowered (They don’t come into their power until after 3rd/4th ascension and you can’t complete any of the challenge events with these underleveled 5*)

I hope this guides you to a more fun gaming experience!


Also, it’s never too early to join an alliance and start hitting Titans for more ascention materials. That and you’ll make friends that can help with advice!

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Thanks all, I will check it :slight_smile: Time to level up my 4*s first!
Strongest one I put in the middle right?

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Most defense & HP ends up in the middle. Don’t necessarily equate power with much, if anything.

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Some of my thoughts on the early game, in addition to the good advice you already have received.

  1. My general rule of thumb is that where 5* heroes are concerned, the power is like the cake, a lie. At least until you have the materials to ascend them to 3rd tier, they’re not really worth the other resources if you have other heroes to level. Even then a 4* at 4/70 usually beats a 5* at 3/70 and is easier to build up.
  2. Stick to using same color feeder heroes as the hero you’re trying to level. You get a 20% experience bonus that way.
  3. Be absolutely sure to favourite your heroes. That’s done by clicking on the padlock at the top left of their card when viewing them from the roster.
  4. Hang on to all 4 and 5* heroes even if you don’t see a use for them. Ideally keep duplicates if you can afford to and get lucky enough to have them. Some are more useful than they seem on paper (Wu Kong in particular is an almost essential gamechanger for events and titans who looks awful until you stop and think about it.) Sometimes not so good heroes get adjusted and made more useful. Hanging onto leveled 3* heroes for the “easiest” (not that it’s really easy) section of the monthly challenge events is a good idea too.
  5. One thing I missed in the tutorial that I wished I had found months before I finally did was that I could target the use of hero specials by tapping on the target before letting fly. Amazing the difference that made for my farming and raiding… Doh.
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Thanks for this! I already used my 3* as fodder. i’ll start to keep them from now on.
I already knew 5 luckily :slight_smile:

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