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My iPhone died and it is on recovery mode that I can’t do anything right now. I need to switch my E&P account to an android phone. How do I do it? If I restored my iPhone, and reinstall the app on the iPhone again, would it recover everything I have had with the game? I’ve been playing since 2018 and have so many heroes leveled. On top of all that, I’m the leader of my alliance and I didn’t get a chance to unchecked from war participation that I’m afraid it would hurt our alliance in the next war. Please help me solve this issue. Thank you.

Instructions from the Support Website:

Also note there are a bunch of threads already on this topic; using the :mag: would have found you the answers :slight_smile:


Saw this instruction earlier but I can’t follow the instructions since my iPhone won’t turn on. I’m trying to submit a request but I don’t know how to get my identifier either. Thanks for the help though.

If your E&P account is connected to GameCenter, your progress will be kept and you needn’t worry. I know it’s easy to panic at a time like this, but try to calmly resolve the issue :slight_smile:


If your game was connected to Google or facebook. Download the app on andriod and you should be able to sign in using that.
If not as guvnor said send a support ticket being you don’t knoe your # I’d could be a issue.
I had to change my account over iPhone to android, I sent them all the details and Was done quick you need a payment charge definitely to show that’s your account hopefully that can help you.

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Thank you all. iPhone is still no luck so I asked my mom for help to log in on her iPad. I was able to retrieve my #ID and I tried to do a progress transfer to an android device. Unfortunately, that only works if both devices are under the same wifi, and she’s in a different city. BTW, I logged out of the iPad in case it might cause some account conflicts. I’ll wait and see if I have any luck with my iPhone. If not, I’ll submit a ticket with my #ID. The problem is I don’t know what a payment charge is about. Any suggestion on what it is? Thanks again, everyone! :slight_smile: :wink:

I think if you can’t transfer game using wifi then you have to use the support ticket route. I don’t recall there being any payment charge involved, although I haven’t done this myself.

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If you have your #123abc number then that’s good. Being your iPhone is not working you will have to start the app on your android and save that number so they can sawp the device over to it.
Like this looks like a perches from check your Google play account

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