Need Help - Who to feed next in my Roster

Hey Guys - here are my 4’s and 5’s and an outline on who is already maxed, who is stuck and who I am capable of fully maxing out. Love to hear your thoughts on who I should level out next

Forgot about Wilbur in this list, I have 2 x Wilburs. I just started feeding one of them

Wish, i had your problem, lol.
Obviously goes w/o saying that a green should be priority. Mel would be my choice.
Id probably focus on 4s til i had a strong roster for wars. Get so much more milage from your resources.

Decent roster, but you’re definitely lacking 4*depth for War.

These will be your meat and potatoes for a long time to come.

I’d get all your 4*s to 3/60, but skip Agwe and Gobbler.

During that time our will allow you to build more AMs for your 5*s, too.

Once at 3/60, go Arthur, Zeline, Zim, and Musashi (I don’t know enough about Onatel). Then double back to max out more 4*s.

Is there a tool that will export to Excel?

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