Need help...which the best order to ascend?


need help…have a couple of 5 stars and i have everything to ascend them to the end…which order is best to do it??
Gregorian 3/70
Hel 3/1
Justice 2/60
King Arthur 2/26
Azlar 3/1
Lianna 2/60
Ares 2/11
And i already have Leonidas at 4/9


They will know for sure :smiley:


It depends on your 4*'s, to some degree, but I would go:

  1. Hel
  2. Ares/Lianna (depending on if you need a tank or a sniper)
  3. Ares/Lianna (whichever you didn’t do first)
  4. Arthur
  5. Greg/Azlar/Justice, wherever your need is for a second of a color.


My first team is Wu Kong-Gormk-Gregorian or Kashrek-Grimm-Rigard


My personal opinion, since I :heart: elemental defense debuffs:

  1. Hel (I would take her almost everywhere)
  2. Arthur (red titans, raiding)
  3. Lianna (fast sniper)
  4. Ares
  5. Gregorion
  6. Azlar
  7. Justice
  8. Leo

But that is the order I would ascend. It’s all about personal preference. I tend to not care about tanks or AoE as much.


Leo is already on the last ascension , Greg only need the 708K to go to the last while Lianna is just going to the third one and i only have 4 shields… Hel and Ares are my fav to ascend but i needed a opinion


it really depend what 4* you have atm and what you are using for raid, but yes i would go for hel even i dont have her but i know what she dose, my 2nd would be lianna as i never go raid without her now days then arthur as i use him more on titans “i still use grim in raids” ares is good also but i dont like to take average heroes to raid its your habit how you raid. the rest is slow and only good as center hero in defense but you already got ares for that job so i wouldnt bother unless you got no other option


Obviously you several ahead of others… Many good pics in here.

If it were me I would go this route…

  1. KING Quick Description click here: Hero choice

  2. Lianna (FAST and hits hard with 512% damage @729 attack)

  • comparing cards Gregorian looks better, cards for me just don’t equate to performance - more a guideline

Lianna Fast - NO SPECIAL. Speed can be a major factor.
Greg Avg - Greg does (critical for ALL allies - can be big and and link +5/+5). - He would clash with Ares - so keep that in mind… not the end of the world.

I have Greg 4/80 - still determining… Either of these 2 are solid choices - you can not go wrong. I’d rather face Greg than Lianna with my primary offensive team, I just do better against him.

  1. Hel (I have her - (well 2) one of my favs more so now because she was my first - Fair damage, extra against Holy, love the 3/3 no mana - it can all be dispelled though - making her just a hit 3 at that point) If your opponents don’t have buff removal or ability to mess with your accuracy - than she’s great!

By the time you get to here you may have someone else that interests you more…

Out of the remaining 3:
Justice (the -accuracy and apply’s to special skills can really mess a team up),
Azlar (strong attack with a hit all and slow burn following - can be deadly if your opponent doesn’t have Fast/Hit Hard heroes and its dragging out).
Ares still rated A/A+ (its long overdue for that to be notched down a bit I think given the newer heroes we have out there - I’ve had him since he first came out - he does well in the middle because he can take a hit from ANY of the big guns! His special is combo’d really really well (+Attack +Critical +Regen 720HP - he often keeps his neighbors alive when they wouldn’t otherwise and they also share in the other +'s) You can move him into the flank as well.

Of those 3 - I would go with Ares.

Not a fan of Leo - but you already ascended him to level 4 - guy was a C till he got ‘balanced’ now a solid B.

So you would have Lianna or Greg, Leonidas, Ares, Hel, King Decent!


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