Need Help Updating Resource! Max Ascension at Different Tiers (4/5*)

This resource has been around since July 2017! @madmarv and @D.D thankfully took on the majority of the updates over time. (Again, Thank you!)

We’d love some help filling in heroes that are missing stats. It’s mostly the new S3 heroes, but there are some of the new event heroes that still have blanks also.

We need screenshots sent of:

  • 4* heroes at tier 3 - level 60 before they ascend
  • 5* heroes at tier 2 - level 60 before they ascend
  • 5* heroes at tier 3 - level 70 before they ascend
    we want the image that shows Attack, Defense, Hit Points, and Power.

Click Here to check it out the most current version!
Below are screenshots of what the resource looked like at the time this post was created.

Please add any screenshots of missing information to this thread and one of us will add the info.


This resource was created so you can compare fully maxed 3s with partially ascended 4s, and fully ascended 4s with partially ascended 5s. It also shows what Ascension Materials are required to go up an Ascension level when Rare or Epic Ascension Materials are involved.


Omg !! Thank you very much, this is great for me ^^


This does not seem complete. Is there a guide that shows what heroes need to level up from each and every tier for 4* and 5*s that would really help.

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This? I think this is on Artemis’s spreadsheet for 2-5* heroes (link given in first few paragraphs of Coppersky’s Guide)


I have to say this one thread has made me want to quit this game. It took me five months to get 4 Warm Cloaks. I still have heroes who need orbs and have been waiting for them for three and four months. I just can’t imagine having to find 6 farsight telescopes or six Royal Tabards. I have been playing for quite some time and have only ever seen one Tabard. :hushed:

I envy those who leveled to max before the stupid update that added so many items to the list.

What was I thinking that my hard work would earn rewards. Man I was stupid. :tired_face:


I agree, I have one 5* that I’m stuck on her 3rd ascension b/c I only have 3 hidden blades. So currently she is weaker than my 4*s. Once I get that 4th hidden blade. I’ll need 4 more hidden blades for the next ascension… Should only take a year or so :disappointed_relieved:


Please don’t be discouraged…I only have 1 tabard, and only enough materials to ascend one 4* hero.

I really do think luck plays a huge role in what people get…

TL;DR: my first rant.

If the frequency was changed this badly, it may need to be tuned again.

I’m comparatively new but based on player comments and my own early experience, it’s going to be a complete PITA to ascend one hero and that’s just 5^3 or 4^4, and 5^4 is even worse.

I don’t mind their being relegated to wanted chests and titan battles and rare quest rewards, but I can’t believe this is working as intended as I haven’t seen any game to date that slowed progression down by this much, even epics in Everquest back in the day took about a few weeks to a month, and we did that all of once per character (which realistically was once period)… and you weren’t stuck on that as there were other progression path items that could be chased. Here in some cases, if your luck is bad, it’s a concrete wall and that’s poor design.

I really hope the developers look at the data and address it in one of three if not more ways:

  1. Higher Frequency of drops
  2. Make warm cloak for example the only (or maybe one of two) of the items needed to get a large number of for all heroes, and just remove the others from the loot table and multiply the frequency of said warm cloak by 6 or whatever.
  3. Item conversion vis a vis Alchemy lab, this idea is frankly brilliant as it can reward directly time playing the game and remove some of the RNG element.

I’m willing to believe this is unintended consequences, but it’s something which realistically should be addressed… while I understand the need for progression and for that to take some amount of time, with how the RNG works you might get close but not quite on all of your heroes after months of effort, and in even more extraordinarily bad luck, not close at all.

This is a phone game, not a career: similar expectations in terms of duration for advancement is a bit ridiculous.


Best quote I have read in the forum so far. :laughing:



Do you mind adding Little John and Kashrek? I keep forgetting their name which make it harder to ask around, hehe.

Aaaand done? Also, Wu Kong has a stat missing, so there we go!

Went to check and see if there was anything missing and noticed the whole Cream thing. Would you look at that, more things to search! evil smile time to spam the crap out of @Coppersky… tomorrow!


Ok, I’m really going to sleep now.

:heart_eyes_cat: @ Mai

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@Coppersky, Just making sure, did you get my message? :slight_smile:

I did get it! Only on some nights while out on vacation though. have updated the spreadsheet with what you added! And a little extra at the bottom. :grinning:
Thanks again!


I sent you a while ago the rest missing, but it seems you either didn’t see, forgot or didn’t had the time to update it. But just in case you didn’t receive it or something, I’m posting here the Ares one. :slight_smile:

I’ll look back. Honestly, having a bit of trouble juggling everything right now! Back from vacation, but had lots waiting for me.

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I thought that was the case, well, here the last one :slight_smile:

Ares’ numbers are still off, as are a few other heros since updates 1.6 & 1.7. It’d be great if they could be updated, or if you’d allow others to update them if life’s too busy at the moment :grinning: @Coppersky
Thank you so much for all the effort and time you have put into this game. I’m not sure if you’ve been told lately, but a lot of us really appreciate it!!