Need help understanding heros

So I’m told that multiple heroes of the same color have the advantage of increased stats, but what about the missing color heroes? Is it unwise to actually go fight, say missing red, and doing no damage? I know some hero skill traits dictate same color bonuses (of which I dont own), so what all benefits do you actually get?

Ok and secondly, mana speeds. I’ve been using 1 fast, 3 average and a slow. I understand the slow takes alot to get the skill activates, but what about average? In PVP most of the time the enemy heros get thier supers from being struck before I can activate mine. I’ve tried to stay to one color for experimental purposes and it seems like even after 4 moves I’m still within a grasp of activation. Is there a formula to mana speed and if so, does it get affected by my first inquiry.

Thanks for any insight or directions u can point me.

@NDarkNS There’s a tactic called colour stacking that means you take 2/3/4/5x heroes of the same colour into a fight. If they are both, say, average mana speed, their specials would charge at the same time and you can fire them both off.

Mana speeds:

This might also be a good thread for you, it explains a lot of the terminology used on the forum The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

Also, check out the Player Guides category on the forum, it’ll get you up to speed.

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So missing builds super faster? Am I following this correctly?

Yes. “Ghosting” tiles will build mana twice as fast!

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Think of it this way. If you use a rainbow team, yes every tile will do damage but not very much. It’s difficult to win raids using a rainbow team. If you stack colors yes the absent color tiles will only do 1 damage, but the important tiles will do enough damage to more than make up for it. If someone is using a green tank on defense I like to bring 3 red heroes. A single red tile is now doing 150 damage.


Here’s an approximation of the math for color stacking. Each color is strong (S) against one color, weak (W) against one color, and neutral (N) against 3 colors. The strong and weak color wheels are found in the upper left of your fight screen. A strong color tile does double damage, while a weak color tile does half damage. Base tile damage is determined by the hero’s attack stat.

So, if you are running a rainbow attacking team, your tile damage will be:

3N + S + W = 3N + (2N) + (1/2 N) = 5.5N

When you stack two or more heroes of the same color, tiles of that color do damage based on the SUM of the attack stats of those 2 heroes (or more), which is approximately double damage. Tiles of the missing color do 1 point, but they do still count for titan stuns

So, stacking 2 of the strong color and leaving out the weak would look like this:

2S + 3N + 1 = 2 (2N) +3N +1 =7N +1

Stacking 3 strong along with 2 different neutral colors (a 3-1-1 stack) would look like this:

3S + 2N +2 = 3(2N) + 2N +2 = 8N+2

As you can see, the extra damage from the stacked color more than offsets the loss from the missing color.

This doesn’t apply to defense, as you aren’t moving tiles on defense.


This is great info. Thanks. For defense, is it best then to just bring in your best skills regardless of color?

@NPNKY Ok also on the second example u have 2S + 3N… were the +1 come from? Is that from double stack and the +2 is triple? So if I got this 4S + 1N (would have +3) = 4(2N) +1N +3 for 9N+3?

Does W change this formula?

The +1 is for the missing color. 2S is your double strong color and 3N is your 3 neutral colors

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Too much information with top little explanation.

First, raiding can be done successfully by rainbow teams as well as by monochrome teams. Everything depends. It depends on your team’s strength and how the heroes work with each other. It depends on not getting a board which scatters shots or simply does not give you the right color tiles. If you color stack vs a tank or a defense team with a stacked color, it can come down to do you have the right color.

Go watch videos of quality teams raiding. They come in an amazing variety.

I stay about 2400 cups with a rainbow team. Just sayin

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I’ve experimented since last posting. I have moved two stages above were I was stuck on missions with double yellows, red, green and blue. I dropped purple as the monster stages were elite purple. I’m glad to say it work amazing well when you learn the mechanics. I even purposely ghosted to get my supers quickly. PVP was a hit or miss based on there def colors. So thanks for all the input, you all are awesome. :grinning:

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You can double colors for PVP too

@NPNKY I am new what is pvp

@NPNKY nevermind figured it out

player vs players(raids and wars)

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Thank you I figured it out after I posted lol

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Double stacking for def give double damage?

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If you are new
Take a look in this thread it has great information inside.

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@Jedon thank you so much I will be sure to read all of the information provided :grinning:

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@KelliAnn, stop by and chat. Troll Akademi is a small alliance meant for teaching those new to the game

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Also new, can someone explain stacking? Is this like, team on top of team, or troops? I’m not understanding. Also, I really still don’t understand why it’s important to have more than one team, either, so…I’m perusing the suggested guides as we speak.