Need help transferring my game from iOS to android

A few months ago I transferred my game from iOS to android using the link option in game settings.
Today I had to reinstall the os to the android and I tried to link from iOS to android again but it won’t generate a code because it says the game is linked to a google play account.
I need advice please.

Try this:

  1. Uninstall the game from the Android Device
  2. Log-out of Google Play
  3. Login to Google Play with the ORIGINAL Google Play account
  4. Download & Install the game again

If that doesn’t do it you’ll have to #contact-support for more specific individual attention.

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That is what I did after wiping the tablet and reinstalling the game.
I have the account number as it is on my iOS device which I’m still able to play.

I have two separate devices; android and iOS. I would like to play my account on both.

I am in desperate need of help! My android device broke to the point of not being able to use the screen. I decided to get an iPhone instead when I bought my new phone, but when I want to log in and transfer my information I realized that I can’t because I don’t have google play on my phone. I have tried entering support tickets but that function does not work on the app. I have tried sending contact support through the web and my tickets are rejected because I need to go through the app support… which doesn’t work. I’m frustrated to end and just want my game back please help😔

There is a way of contacting support from the game. Finish the tutorial. Then go to support and search for your problem. Then respond that it did not help.
That should open a chat with support.

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