Need Help to choose Alliance name

Hi guys I’m going to make a new alliance ,and I need to choose a name for it , I appreciate any suggestions you guys give ( words preferred : warriors , knights , fearless , veterans …etc and any other war terms ) , thank you .

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Should your alliance’s name even take into account your nation?

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…Not necessary , I plan on recruiting globaly

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“The puzzle army” could be good enough?

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Thanks for the. Idea fraVIT93


Google “Name Generators”

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Alliance name “name generated” :sunglasses:

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Straight from Warhammer Quest 1995:
Mitey Worriers

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I came up with , " Mighty warriors League " ,
Looks good ???


How about “Fearless Knights”?

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Use this, and get ideas. I put a list together by combining what I liked from what this generated and created my own. Came up with names I never would have thought of.


Unnamed Allies

Division of the Dead

Have anybody seen my Horse?

Hordes of Evil

Alliance without a Name

Unholy Priests of the Odds

The Undead

Guild of Gouls

Frozen Frogs

In good Company

Poo Fighters

Zero Hero

Hang em high

Daughter of Slaughter

Torture Turtles

Druids of the Dragon

This is our Alliance

Hyper Fighter


Shadow Hunters

My wife doesn’t want me to play this.

Clustered Existence

Dudes of Doom

Dead Hunters

Gonzo Gang

Head full of nothing

The Awesomes

Rude Zoo


I’d give you a name, but I might be flagged. Do you really need help with a name? Look at some of the names out there if nothing feels your heart.

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Why would you be flagged ?

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I was being sarcastic. Names may have come from the likes of family time growing up when we watched Beavis and Butthead together. And no, nothing is wrong with me. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Here’s one. Top of the mountain. Then you can cry in recruiting chat “come see the top of the mountain.”

At least I’m laughing here. :slightly_smiling_face::rofl::joy::rofl:


Thanks , that’s funny , I appreciate it

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If it’s an alliance centered around war, I like Six Flags. Surprised there isn’t an alliance with that name already.

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What about A1? Then your alliance might be at the top of the searching list :joy:


Worried Warriors
Vegetarian Veterans
Nighty Knights
Fearless Fighters

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I like your opinion!

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