Need help sorting out my roster which hero’s do I keep and feed

Any help appreciated thanks

@Mikela - The way I keep my boards, i use my a* & 2* heroes to level up my teams. Always keep a 4* and 5* hero, I dont have that many 3* players but i would suggest hold on to Bane and Balthazar. Try not to lose any healers either.

Sorry if i am not much help, maybe some of the others can give more info?

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You have started many heroes, but not maxed them yet - it’s better to focus, than to spread when leveling.

For 3* try this list, I’d say, unfortunately, some heroes you could abandon (Greymane, Renfeld…):

Focus on maxing rainbow teams (one hero of a color at a time) and feed them with their color (1*, 2* and maybe 3*) - 2 rainbow 3* and 2 rainbow 4* for the beginning. If you want to keep some 2*, do it, but they’re only useful in Raid Tournament later.

I would finish some 3* first and do some 4* next, then go back to the 3*:
Belith (Healer), Bane, Azar, Valen, Tyrum would me my suggestions

4*: Boldtusk, Chao, Kashhrek, Boril, Tiburtus - the highest first - Boldtusk because he’s a healer and very helpful
Edit: have overseen Wu Kong - if you want to score high on titans and cruise through the map, do him first instead of Chao.

then Hawkmoon, Kailani or Gan Ju, Brienne/Berden/Mnesseus/Muggy (dunno), Gunnar (if not Kailani), Balthazar

For 4* then Colen/Sir Lancelot (Sumitomo is a bit selfish and not so extremely useful), Chao/Wu Kong (depends who you leveled first), a third 3* green, if you got no better one like Melendor or Cadmon, same with blue: second Valen and a purple…


Thank you both I have heard so many differences in ways to level hero’s. Thanks for the help

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Chat to your alliance members as well, they can be of great help in setting up good teams

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It’s more useful to have some higher leveled heroes and some lows than to have all on a lower level. Maybe bring your 4* heroes to 3/60 one by one and max them afterwards (so did I) - at that point they’re useful and you can think about giving ascension mats to your most useful heroes, but until that I would level one hero only per color. 3* heroes should be maxed, they don’t consume rare mats.

If you want, you could also level only one hero at a time with all feeders you get, but I personally am too stingy to put aside the 20% XP bonus from color feeding :smiley:

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Would you keep multiples of any 3or 4 for second teams or use them to level the other one up

As far as your roster space allows, I would keep any 4* duplicate (they’re not to easy to get as 3*), the third one I often feed away, and from the 3* the ones from events, they’re really useful. As long as I needed the 3* for war, I also kept duplicate Beliths and some other heroes (maxed, ofc), but now I only need them for events and tournaments, so I got rid of some duplicate 3s, but I still try to have 5 of the useful 3 of each color. But that depends on personal playstyle, I really love the events :slight_smile:

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Concentrate on having a few maxed 3* rainbow teams. Pick 5-3* heroes and feed them on color until they are maxed. Right now finish Valen, Belith and Bane and get Balthazar, Kailani, Muggy and Azar finished. You’ll also want to max Gunnar, Turin, Hawkmoon, Brienne and Gan Ju. Karil is serviceable as an ice hero but there are better. Personally I wouldn’t waste my time on Graymane or Renfeld, you’ll get lots of them so can always decide to level them later******Jahangir and Friar Tuck can be somewhat useful but not a priority by any means.

Your 1st 4* heroes should be Boldtusk as he will serve you well for a VERY long time. Wu Kong should be a early max as he will help your Titan scores immensely. Lancelot should be the 2nd fire hero you ascend but work on a maxed 4* rainbow team 1st. Then Tiburtus, Kash (tank), Boril (tank/Flank, his Riposte will help you through the world map), Colen is a baby Azlar and can’t wipe out the other team if he lives long enough to fire (leave him at 3/60 and see if you get something better) and Chao as a sniper for your wing.
Sumitomo is useful as well but by no means a priority for now.

Hope I didn’t miss any? But above all concentrate on finishing your heroes!!! It’s a waste to jump around and half level heroes and will begin to make you feel like you are making no progress. So pick 5 heroes at a time, starting with your 3*, and take them to max or as high as you can with the ascension materials you have. Have fun and Goid Luck!!! Check back in and let’s us know how you are doing.


Ok one other thing how do you know which hero’s go well with the others for a well rounded team

Ok thanks! The events are fun and challenging. I wanted ask what are your thoughts on isshtak and carver keep or use them for other hero’s?

Neither are horrible, so keep them. But there are much better 3*. I’d say keep and level but don’t make them a priority. They can be helpful in events and when you need to stack a certain color/element, say against a strong tank.

Edit: just to be clear, Renfeld has good tile damage, I just dislike him overall. Just like Dawa, she’s useless in my opinion but she does have good tile damage. I even have a Renfeld that I never use, but he sits there taunting me…Dawa/Graymane I’ve leveled and fed away. Now I just use them as delicious food, but you may feel different. Almost every hero has a use, no matter how small. 3* are easy to level so try them all out and decide for yourself.

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Belith and Hawkmoon are the only 3* healers. You want them maxed to use for your 3* teams until you get 4* heroes going.

Bane and Balthazar and Valen are solid fast mana snipers. You want to max them. Tyrum and Berden too. I call Berden a mini Lianna.

Mnesseus is a good 3* hitter with a buff dispell effect.

Gunnar and Kailani are Spirit Link heroes that spread the damage among your team, like mini-Wilburs. They can be handy to have around.

Muggy is fun, but keep him in reserve until later when you’ve gained more experience in gameplay.

Are you in an alliance? Do you hit titans? Do you participate in wars?

For titans, Brienne is good. She ups your attack to hit harder. Later when you are working on 4* you can get Wu Kong maxed for Titans.

For wars you need 30 heroes for the six flags. It’s fine to use unleveled heroes for the last flags until you have 30 strong heroes. That’s why you need to concentrate on 3*'s first. They are quick to max and you get a bunch ready for wars pretty quickly. Then you can start on the 4*'s, which will take longer to max. After getting a good set of 4* you can start on 5*, which take MUCH longer to max.

You have enough 3* that you can feed away your 1* and 2* (unless you want them for raid tournaments, but they will take up hero slots).

Level 5 heroes at a time, one of each colour, and only feed that same colour to level them. That increases their XP gain and their chances to level up their special attack. Work on only those five until maxed, then the next five, and so on.

I wouldn’t bother maxing Graymane or Isshtak, or Friar Tuck. They are not the strongest 3* and you would quickly pass their point of usefulness.

Carver, Brogan, and Jahangar are slower heroes that hit all and are useful for 3* rush tournaments.

That’s my two cents’ :smile:


My 2 cents, and I would assume any serious player would agree. This all depends on how much you want to spend. I. Early on (1 month in) realized you must spend a little to progress a lot. Do ad above said. Once you begin to summon some heroes, look at what you got then check them against anchors hero grades. If they you get a 4 star A or B, i would level. As in all out level. Keep overall needs in mind. Most who play this game are decently intellectual and the challenge if statistics and math are attractive. My first 4 star summon was Sabina. I deduced pretty fast that shooting for a rainbow team with each having a purpose would apply best to all aspects of the game (map, raiding, events, etc). So I said ok, I have a 4 star purple healer, now let’s cover other needs with what I get (defense down, all hitter, attack down, sniper, better healer, etc). As I summoned I’d compare to what i have, read, watch vids, and figure out which would best increase my chances of progressing the goal of getting ascension mats. It’s like the summons are the alternator in your car. They continue to charge the battery that keeps your car running (with the road you are driving down being an analogy if game progression). Then boom. You realize building a strong 4 star bench allows you to obtain more and more ascension materials which then allow you to move to 5 stars. I have had Elena since my car first paid for with money 10 pull. I was all about levelling her blah blah blah. Then one day I read a post that said “DO NOT WORRY ABOUT LEVELING 5 STARS UNTIL YOU HAVE PLENTY OF 4 STARS FULLY LEVELED”. NEXT POST, “FULLY LEVELED 4 STARS ARE BETTER THAN 3/70 5 STARS”. NEXT POST, “EMBLEMED UP 4 STARS ARE BASICALLY THE SAME AS OR BETTER THAN FULLY ASCENDED 5 STARS”. Boom, I got it and started building my 4 star bench. (Walk before you run). I still have not 1 maxed 5 but finished Knights of Avalon epic and legendary with 4’s. I have that OG Elena at 3/70, and she has been for a min. Why??? Cause I’ve maxed BT and Scarlett and used them a ton! The absolute key to this game is build a large 4 star roster viable for all titans, wars, events, etc. Then the ascension mats roll in for you to selectively incorporate 5 stars and viola, you are a machine that can continually progress daily. I know this post is long but heed what I’ve said. I am flirting with diamond, top my alliance in titan hits, top 3 in wars, etc. I love this game and appreciate that skill can overcome pure whale dollars when **it hits the fan in wars and raids. You can’t exactly “plan”. You must “react” with what RNG gives you. But that’s what is fun. As you get heroes, pick s stray. If you have 10 solid reds, learn to play mono until you can diversity. Eventually you will build a roster that allows tailoring. As you learn more, you will begin to see what you have and what you need. Example, Sabin a is average speed and mainly heals. I then realized, her dispel is super important (like when facing reposte or wilbur). So I realized, I need a “fast” debuffer. Got Caedmon. Maxed, emblemed. BOOM, boril/cyprian do not matter as a tank. Cups go way up. I could keep going. Hope this helped. Happy gaming…


What @PapaHeavy said :slight_smile: sry. They are not bad, but you have some better green 3* heroes.

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