Need help retrieving lost account

Baga know email just not password and phone number changed so can’t recover through Google Play.

Didn’t I see this somewhere else already?

Let the new device install the account as for Google that is obviously your main account.
Once that is all done then just go to Google settings and add the email address to to account of the game you want, you can even add your games account to the same device as I do.

Yesterday they said there wasn’t anything I could do unless i provided information from my Google play receipts. I copied and pasted the receipt information from the last 4 purchases on April 6th that included the gpa information. Today they require screenshots of that exact same information I had provided. My character is almost 1 1/2 years old. It’s obvious that they don’t care about what money is spent from just one account. I’m frustrated and sad about how much time and money I have spent on this game. :frowning:

and why cant you give them the screenshots?

Oh I did provide then with it this morning after their latest email. But it’s still the exact same information that I copied and pasted from my emails yesterday including all of the receipt transaction GPA #s. They just asked for the exact same info but in a screenshot form which is really pretty stupid and time wasting.

no, they didnt ask for the exact same info, they asked for the proof of it.

Oh because me copying and pasting my email with the required information wasn’t enough proof to validate. Gotcha.

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