Need help retrieving lost account

My phone died which my third account on it - got new phone and i cannot retrieve my account - when i download game on to new phone it keeps automatically downloading one of my other accounts - HELP - of course i have no idea what my account id is

Are you android or ios?

This may be of help:

Also, here is a link to file a support ticket from outside the game, if necessary:

The preferred method is from inside the game, here:

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The Forum is peer-to-peer discussion. You cannot reach Small Giant Games here for account retrieval issues. That is only handled via support tickets. See above links.

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There has to be a way to contact e and p for tech help

Besides these stupid tickets…theybnever get answered while we sit here in limbo - where is phone tech support or live support???
Unable to get my 3rd account onto my new phone after old one died - google play keeps wanting to download one of my other accounts instead which i have on another android device

SGG doesn’t do support for multiple accounts. You’re on your own.


Well I was trying to offer some advice but you ignored me on your other post.

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Here try this. Go to settings and sign out.

Once signed out you should be able to see this message.

So when you try to sign back in this should come up.

Since you have multiple accounts you should have multiple options. I only have one. Look through them until you find the account you’re looking for. Best of luck.


Phone died - screen dead, unable to access that account at all, android - got new phone and want to install game - i have 3 seperate accounts, paid for all, spent a lot of money on all 3 - one is on ipad, one is galaxy note and the third was on my phone - when i install game on new phone it keeps wanting to install my account that is on galaxy note, not the one i had on my old phone - e and p wont respond, already tried the stupid ticket route - how can i get my account back - and moderator stop giving useless suggestions and closing topic without me able to respond to othrr people’s suggestion

Haha feel your pain
My account is in limbo
I need to speak to a person not a robot!
I know my account number and that’s it!

Hi @KingKurtice, I understand you’re frustrated, but we literally have no more ability to help you than you have to help yourself.

We’re all just fellow players, none of us has any resources you don’t already have available.

If someone had a helpful suggestion, that’s great, but that’s as much as anyone outside of Support will be able to do.

I’ve opened this thread — please stop making additional duplicates.

Submitting a ticket is the only way to contact Small Giant Support.

And as it’s Easter weekend, they’ve noted that response times will be delayed, so it may take a few days to hear back:


So did you give my suggestion a shot?

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Seriously uncalled for. I hope when you get your issue sorted you are just as quick to come back and post a thread about that.

Forum users are players like you. Moderators of the forum are super stars who voluntarily and patiently deal with people, regularly using the forum to throw Tantrums. Really?! You have nothing better to do :confounded:?

Perhaps when SG opens back after Easter weekend, they can offer the technical support you need. As for the poor choice in words :woman_shrugging:.


So I’m in the same predicament. On android and had to uninstall to update. I never connected in the first place because I have 2 Google accounts and didn’t want to mess it up accidently. Today, it started all over again. I’m worried that if I try to do that sign in sync it will just do this little character…yes, I did a support ticket this morning and now I’m just waiting.
Too much time and money on my character to start all over. :frowning:
I did screen shot my acct # and profile before hand so I’m trying to be hopeful.

I did too with screen shoot but my screen is dead so that’s no good

i have same problem I sent ticket to sg games not sure time it will take to fix. I need someone to tell people in The 6th Dimension alliance to kick me before next war cause I cant log in. funny I could add cash to my account thru 2nd google play account but it cant log me in from it. I sent ss of receipt adding to account the name and lvl and exact time it happened.

if you dont know your account # and the email address you used for your Google play account (or the equivalent of it for i-:poop:), there is nothing they can do for you.



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