Need Help Prioritizing 5* Ascensions

After several summons, I’ve decided it’s time to focus on the backlog of heroes I already have rather than trying to get more. I would greatly appreciate thoughts on which heroes should be prioritized.

Current Roster

Options Include:

  • Malicna
  • Quintus
  • Obakan

Current Roster

Options Include:

  • Inari
  • Ranvir
  • Justice
  • Leonidas
  • Uraeus
  • Norns
  • Neith

Current Roster

Options Include:

  • Raffaele
  • Lord Loki
  • Misandra
  • Perseus
  • Thorne
  • Richard

Current Roster

Options Include:

  • Guardian Chameleon
  • Zocc
  • Margaret
  • Bertila
  • Elkanen

Current Roster

Options Include:

  • Reuben
  • Azlar
  • Elena
  • Noor

One of my bigger concerns is that some of the more interesting heroes would be in classes where I am currently short on emblems for my heroes. To that end, I have made a chart for relative availability of emblems along with a list of which heroes want emblems in those classes.

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Malicna, Uraeus, Lord Loki, Chameleon, and Noor. Quickly off the top of my head, those would be my choices.

As a potential future opponent, I think you should consider Quintus, Neith, Perseus, Zocc and Azlar. :wink:

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You forgot Aife. #20Aifeisenough

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