Need help on yellow characters

Currently I have a fully leveled Wu and my others yellows are stuck at the mat wall. My question is should I go ahead and start leveling up another Yellow or wait until Atlantis and try to get Onatel?

if you have mats for Onatel then go for it , if no better do another *4 at least till 3-60

need many heroes for AW

You didn’t specify what you have, so I assume you have a complete TC20 squad. Then you don’t need to wait for Onatel, level Joon first, he is a base stone sniper. Also, it is quite difficult to get HoTM as when you need. You would need to do 266 summons to get 95% probability for what you are up to.

Sorry my yellow only consist of 4* and aside from Wu the rest are stuck at 3/60. I understand the importance of AW and double stacking colors but yellow 4* are underwhelming and was thinking that with 10 days til Atlantis that would be a lot of yellow feeders I could use for other colors as oppose to leveling up another 4* to 3/60

Yes you never know what you get, randomness is weird sometimes. I got Onatel from my only summon this year. Wait for Atlantis and then show us everything you have. If nothing changes and war defense or raid defense will be your preference then I can imagine the decision will lead to LiXiu, but you never know what may come. Then post here all heroes 4* and higher and all matts you have and I am sure you’ll get a lot of help.

What yellows do you have on the bench that you might start levelling? Who do you currently have on the bench at 3/60?

Atlantis itself is underwhelming for yellow at the 4* level. Danza is ok, but not spectacular. So unless you draw Onatel, I wouldn’t count on getting a different yellow you like.

That said, if you have the roster space, there’s no harm in stockpiling feeders either.

The other thing that you might consider is levelling a 3* yellow in preparation for class quests. Kailani is a cleric. Melia is a druid. Bane is a monk. Dawa is a rogue. Are you thin on 4*/5* in any of those?

Thanks nes. Congrats on getting Onatel. Going to do a 30 pull in Atlantis and hopefully get her and make this a moot point. Also I think I rather feed zim the yellow feeders than do another yellow to 3/60

Hi Garanwyn. I currently have Li Xiu, Chao, Danzo and Hu Tao all at 3/60. Have duplicates of them all. Also have Wu maxed with another Wu at 1/1. I agree counting on Atlantis is a risk but really don’t see how another 4* yellow would help me

Yeah, if you’ve got the roster space, may as well save feeders. The other thing is the Atlantis 10-pull chests give AM. So you might get what you need to ascend one of the 3/60 even if you don’t get Onatel.

ETA: they might also put Musashi or Delilah as features, giving you a second target.

Hopefully your right. I’d probably kill my budget for the month trying to get one lol.

Thanks to everyone for their replies. Just wanted to make sure I was looking at all my options

This post shows how much yellow needs some good 4* heroes. I would (and will) give the mats to Danzaburo… yes, he’s not the best but if his special goes off without freezes he can really help. He can be useful in AW taking down a stronger team. He is also from Sakura family and will be in the rogue class, I can easily see him used in team with Inari and Kageburado.
Plus he is fun to use and this is the most important thing to consider :wink:

Wu , Chao , Lixiu , Jackal are good *4 to feed even with 3-60 as clean squad in AW

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OP doesn’t have Jackal, otherwise it’s a no-brainer. I’m personally not super excited about a second Li, Wu or Chao. I’ve never seen purple tank stacks in AW, so I’m not sure that he really needs a ton of spare yellow heroes. But I guess if I had to pick, I’d level Li or Wu in his shoes. That’s probably the right choice if Atlantis comes up dry.

i think you need learn more about how to read before reply bro , i told him to go Onatel if got mats , if not better avoid Onatel and do other Yellow which is *4 , if you are in competitive clan , you should have 30 heroes even *3 full asc or *4 3-60 , my teamate even got 3 Chao 3-60 for clean purpose in AW , with Kage and next hotm Khunchen who knows ? , its just my opinion , no need your judgement

I accidentally replied to your post up above rather than the OPs. But speaking of learning to read before hitting reply, it should have been super obvious to you that my post was intended for the OP rather than for you. The OP figured that out because he replied to it.

Instead of figuring that out, you decided to restate your position from above to me, even though my advice had been different than yours. Since I was advising OP to hold off, so I simply offered my perspective as to why. Not “judging” you, just disagreeing.