Need help on raid defense and Roster

Not sure where to go next on raid defense and which heroes are worth using mats on right now or just wait for some better ones.

I’m happy with current raid offense but feel sorely lacking on a defense.

So far I’m leaning towards…

Yellow: Onatel + Inari

Purple: Sartana, then Domitia or wait for a Rigard

Blue: Sonya or Triton if it doesn’t look like Magni or other limited 5* blue will appear anytime soon. It’s no joke I have 6 kiryl’s, the game loves duping him on me so only keeping them for wars.

Green: Kashhrek or LJ, or hold out for a Caedmon, Melendor, Lianna or other 5*

Red: Marjana first, saving other blades for Boldtusk or Wilbur if they ever show their faces.

Any alternate ideas or advice is appreciated. :+1:

Current defense, roster, and mats to work with.

You don’t need all those Kirils…
Keep 3 since you lack other healers.

Kiril Tibs Ona Proto Marja
Kiril Ona Marja Tibs Kiril
Proto Ona Kiril Tibs Marja

Keep in mind that proteus cancel onatel skill…

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That’s not much of a problem imo, since cases, where both cast at the same time and focus the same enemies should be very rare.

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