Need help on next 5*s to level

I am at decision point for my next group of 5* to level, 1 mat short for each, except holy as I just got my last required darts. Which next 5* should I level and should they replace anyone currently on my defense? My current levelled 5* defense team:

I also have Tarlak at 4.80 :slightly_smiling_face: as my only other levelled 5*

My options for next 5*:
Dark: Domitia, Kageburado (3.70), Kunchen, Quintus, Seshat, Ursena
Holy: Justice, Leonidas (3.42), Rana, Ranvir
Ice: Alasie, Alice (3.70), Frida, Isarnia (3.70), Thorne
Nature: Elkanen, Kadilen, Margaret, The Hatter (3.70)
Fire: Anzogh (3.36), Khagan

I was planning on Kage, Leonidas, Isarnia, The Hatter, and Anzogh, but then I got Rana and Seshat and now I am not sure. I thought I would put Kage on defense in place of Sartana and I was levelling up a mana troop to level 11 with that in mind.

I will pick Ranvir over Leonidas.

Not sure about Seshat vs Kageburado but I’m leaning on Seshat. Frida is also a good choice.

What 4* heroes do you have? That might help in deciding what kind of 5* do you need.

Four great purple options, Quintus and Dom are a no but the rest can all have a case made for them. I’d probably do Seshat she is new and different

Agree Ranvir before Leo

Anzogh would be a good flank for Ariel, Elena too squishy and slow on defense

I love Alasie, and Frida can be effective at 3/70. So Alasie for mine

Out of that lot I’d take the Hatter! The rest aren’t that great imo

The 4* levelled (some with emblems) that I have:

Dark: Sabina, Proteus, Tigard, Tiburtus, Merlin (3.49)
Holy: Jackal, Wu, Chao, Li Xiu
Ice: Grimm, Sonya, Captain of Diamonds, Kiril (3.34)
Nature: Caedmon, Kashhrek, Melendor (3.44)
Fire: Boldtusk, Falcon, Scarlett, Wilbur, Gormek, Boldtusk (3.60), Wilbur (3.60)

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How could I missed it… I didn’t realize there is Alasie…

That is a good 4* squad. With Wilbur, Grimm, and, Tiburtus, the need for Isarnia is minimal, as @Infinite said, Alasie is your best choice for defense (EDIT: I forget about Ariel :man_facepalming:t3:).

Seshat will also replace Sartana but Joon will stay on defense.

Anzogh is also a good option for tank.

For my defense, if I switch Elena for Anzogh, would you switch Alasie for Ariel and use Anzogh as tank? Anzogh would be the only healer then on defense.

Not necessarily defense. Ariel is great where she is. I just think Alasie is the best all round option

I probably would stick with Ariel but move her as flank.


Sniper Ariel Anzogh Sniper Sniper sounds pretty fine to me


Sounds good, so:

Lianna, Ariel, Anzogh, Seshat, Joon

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Keep in mind that Lianna and Seshat share the same emblem…

Anzogh and Sartana too…

Good point on emblems. Elena is only at +1, so Anzogh should still be a good replacement without emblems to start. I’ll have to see if I want to reset Elena for Seshat or if I can save up enough emblems for a few nodes by the time I get the last tabard.

Thanks all for the advice! Will get to work on power levelling.

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