Need help on improving hero roster

I am attaching my current heros list and I would like to get below clarification,

  1. Which 5 star to upgrade Tarlak or Zeline . We hunt 7-8* titans so I feel Tarlak can survive them. Zeline seems to be good but I don’t use her much . Caedmon is my go to guy for raids.

  2. I got 3 compass and 4 gloves , 11 shields, 13 orbs, 4 blades, 2 Trap tools. I wanna keep 1 set for jackal whom I ll go after next month. Who gets remaining ?
    I am thinking for Gretel and 2nd Grimm or Kiril.

If your alliance would stay at 7-8* titans for the time being then Zeline get the tonics :slight_smile:
I would ascend Gretel first (her mana control is very useful!) and Kiril.


Couldn’t agree more.

Zeline is a beast - Tarlak is great but you don’t need to rush him yet at 7-8* titans.

Gretel can be a game changer and Kiril+costume has to be a priority.


Neither have Zeline nor Tarlak, but my guts would also say Tarlak will do on 3.60 for the titans you are currently fighting. Regarding 4 stars, I also vote for Gretel and Kiril :slight_smile:

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