Need help, Misandra!

I have a very big question, should I spend the extremely difficult Ascension items on Misandra or another hero I already have? Today I have 6 telescopes and only 1 tome and Two damask blades, heroes waiting, but without complete items: Purple: Maximum: Kunchen, Clarissa, C. Domitia, Toth. Waiting: Freya, Mok-Arr, Grimble, Fifths. just a tabard. Yellow: Maximum: Neith, Malosi, Drake. Waiting: Joon, Rana, Norns, Segundo Malosi and Leonidas. I have 5 darts. Blues: Maximum: Magni, Vela and Alice. Waiting: Only Misandra. I have 7 telescopes. Greens: Maximum: Kingston, Tarlak, Telluria and Liana. Waiting: Varios Tellurias, Varios C. Elkane and Kadilen. I have four tonics. Red: Maximum: Grazul, Mitsuko, Elena and C. Aslan. I have only one ring. I appreciate the collaboration, as the items are extremely difficult to obtain and I do not want to put on a hero who is not worth it.

Every hero has a pro and con to it, i would say relax and wait, i would try to fight in raids with heros you have so you can see both pros and cons . This games economics is based on convinces and patiences. Sry for the grammar errors.

Misandra is not essential. Since u already got all the essential for blue, better wait and keep the precious mats.

U might conserve the mats for yellow joon. He is essential


misandra isn’t a priority. you have much better options worth the wait.

she isn’t a sniper or a consistent support hero as only 42% of the time she is decent.
she definitely need a buff in damage, extra hit chance increase or mana gain as all three are below average

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She’s good. Her mana ability is very underrated.

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