Need help lost my way

You can always set up challenges within your alliance… I’ve done a raid bingo… finding either specific alliances (sorry, @KLinMayhem) or specific tanks. I’ve also done other raid challenges… like use only healers or must use weak color mono team… just have to get a little creative.

I farm with new heroes so I can play with their specials and find new synergies.

And of course war is always fun to bring the alliance together. We assign avatars for phrases that are mentioned during war chat… like if someone apologizes, they have to be friar tuck for a day.

It might be time to go on a walkabout. Not to ditch your alliance per se… just to see how other alliances are keeping things light and fun.

Good luck and happy grinding!


U are only 90% on hard mode on level 3?? I play the game for 1 and half years and I finished all 100% normal and hard mode all the time. U just get boring and that’s it. Where is no intrest better live it like that and find something else to do

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I’ve finished all s3 normal and hard. On auto mode. Yes I’m bored

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I meant season 3 hard I will finish that today when I get off wrk

My recommendation would be to start an alt account. I know it might sound tedious, but it can actually be quite refreshing and fun. I really enjoyed using heroes I didn’t prioritize the first go round. This month looks to be particularly active and I think it’s going to be challenging to finish everything for two accounts. Progress was much faster on my alt as well due to knowing the game as well as I do now. The gap between my accounts is pretty thin these days. Good luck with your search!

I play sometimes on my bf’s account. He has a different set of heroes. He’s also FTP. When i’m there, I have a different set of rules as to which heroes can be fed to others. It’s like going back to playing 1st level characters in an RPG after you’ve played at epic level for a while. It a different kind of fun.

You already said you dont want to change alliances but that would be my recommendation. I enjoy the challenges of fighting tough alliances in war and taking down 14* titans.

I spent about 1.5 months in a smaller alliance in December to save materials for challenge events. It was fun going 6/6 in wars and usually getting A+ on titans but it just wasnt as satisfying as competing at the highest level I know I’m capable of.

Try out a stronger alliance from time to time even if it’s just a 2 week visit or something like that.

I was the same with my main account which is what prompted me to start another 2 acc’s.

All my advanced buildings are also almost done with, about less than 2 months and I have nothing left to build there, so I know where your coming from.
Now even with the other 2 acc’s having passed the SH21 mark, I find I still have time to kill again.

As stated socialising with others in chat groups about war strategies and team rosters passes the time away quick.

Having said that April looks like it will be a pretty full on month start in a few days so enjoy these few days rest while you can.

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