Need help lost my way

I have been playing for 2 wonderful years. I am trying to find purpose in the game, not sure what goals I want to have or what to aim for, for example AR is in a few days and I am not excited about it, I have done all my missions involving season 2 and I am 90% with season 3 hard I am finishing those missions as well as they come up, I have plenty of hero’s to level up but there is no excitement in that knowing I will have to wait up to a year for ascending items, I finish all the rare quest within a couple of hours waiting on world points,and the daily quest are done within minutes each morning I wake up, going back to season 2 AR I don’t know what to aim for while playing it, I fill my recruits up many times a day I have my training camp lvl11 full for over 5600 hero way over a year, as far as food and iron I can fill those up as well many times over and use them just as quickly, I have set goals up like lets make 100 time stops or 50 tornados I have done that all, what can I do can you guys give me goals I can achieve???


I’ve made the game enjoyable myself by being fully immersed in the social aspect of it. Always fun to chat it up in different line channels.

As for goals, not sure. Score a 200k hit on a 14* titan using any and all available battle items?


Check the forum for challenges
One I remember is: How far do I get with one 3* hero. :smile:
I am sure there are others.

Good luck.


Ty at this time my alliance is wrking on 7-9 and I am normally the top attacker ty will put that down for long term goal

I’m with you. I left my alliance and I entered an starting ally who ask for help. I’m been theyr support for almost everything.

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I second this idea and I know several players who explore different alliances for brief periods just to have a palette cleansing so to speak from their normal routine.

They’ve enjoyed the experience then mutually parted ways and everyone enjoyed the experience.


I can imagine, in part, how you feel. While I am not pitching that you join my alliance (though you’d likely be a great addition), I find it interesting that your didn’t mention yours. The social aspect (as mentioned by @KLinMayhem ) of my alliance and the forum do make this interesting.

Does your alliance coordinate tanks in war? Certainly you face coordinated tanks which demands a pretty deep roster (which could consist of 4*s that require fewer rare materials). Are there folks on your alliance that could benefit from your experience? Newer players (and even not-so-new ones) have questions about which buildings to level up first, which heroes to focus on next, etc. If you don’t have them in your alliance, there are plenty on the forum.

I personally enjoy the tournaments – in fact, I was one of the few (perhaps the only one) who was in favor of 1* and 2* tourneys. Tourneys (especially 3*) do get me thinking about heroes that I don’t consider for wars or raiding.

On the flip side, I tried to save up sufficient food and heroes to get Ursena from 3.70 to 4.80 in a day. I wasn’t successful, but the saving of resources gave me things to think about.

Still, you’re in a different position than I (an enviable one, from my perspective) so these things may hold little interest for you.

Best of luck.


Sorry to place this here however I am a new gamer and in need of knowing how to gain REALM BONUS for my warriors… Kindly help and thanks.

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realm bonus is matching the heros with the realm they are from, the more of same realm the higher the bonus hope this helps


I don’t mention mine cause I don’t want to change it, my alliance is very laid back we take in so many new people and let them grow and absorb the knowledge, we both answer questions and give tips on things we have learned, out of the 30, 15 may actually do some work, I am not the leader so I cant really have my way I would like some more active player so I can reach higher titans with better rewards but I have grown accustom to my alliance thank you so much for this idea and tip, as far as the tournament they can be fun I normally lose my 4 by the 3rd or 4th day but I am getting better with time,

Is there an option or tab I can visit to achieve this?

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Hi Vnal, welcome to the forum. Great question – and I didn’t know the answer, by the way – so good, I think it should have been it’s own topic.

Thanks, @goldberg, for the answer. So that applies only in Season 3, and only when I have heroes on my team fighting in that realm, e.g., a Midgard hero fighting in the Midgard realm?


Oh mein! Season 3! In that respect I have season 3 kicking my season 1 ***! Lol

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I have 2 lvl 20 TC camps and one 16 and the other is 11, I have the lowest one working not stop for over a year, the TC20 both have 2 weeks of time, the other one I use to lvl up my 4s and 5s thank you for the idea!

I have a 4300 team I use and I have to pay attention cause I will get a hit and it will kill my heros so beware of season 3 hard, I have Fenrir and he a beast I also have Mireweave she from a different realm as he is also I have Mist Kvasir the darn bee guy got to many off!! Nordri and Bjorn also got By-Ulf and Ei-Dunn I have just maxed Fenrir but am working on all the others

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there is an option to bookmark and follow this thread. it also may get closed by a monitor in charge but I will try to keep it open I and other people will need to find ideas for challenges down the road as we play

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I hate the bee-guy since i don’t have him as yet lol

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what till you get like 10 of him I just feed him to himself 1 at time

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You can always set up challenges within your alliance… I’ve done a raid bingo… finding either specific alliances (sorry, @KLinMayhem) or specific tanks. I’ve also done other raid challenges… like use only healers or must use weak color mono team… just have to get a little creative.

I farm with new heroes so I can play with their specials and find new synergies.

And of course war is always fun to bring the alliance together. We assign avatars for phrases that are mentioned during war chat… like if someone apologizes, they have to be friar tuck for a day.

It might be time to go on a walkabout. Not to ditch your alliance per se… just to see how other alliances are keeping things light and fun.

Good luck and happy grinding!


U are only 90% on hard mode on level 3?? I play the game for 1 and half years and I finished all 100% normal and hard mode all the time. U just get boring and that’s it. Where is no intrest better live it like that and find something else to do

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