Need help leveling heroes

I have a good amount of heroes but just need help with Which heroes to put on my team and Which ones to level. Any help would be appreciated!! I am a fairly new player. Need a lot of advice


your doing pretty good with what you picked and would get those as far as you can.

Next I would say
Wu (maybe even start him now)
Vlad I guess but you may get something better in the meantime.

Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for the reply! I was really thinking about wu since Joon will be very mat intensive. I guess my concern is that I have 2 healers and seem to be lacking on damage specials and other buffs that i have been reading about.

I agree about damage. Was going off of what you have available. This could change depending on summons.

Healers are important but you do have an abundance for sure.

I agree with this, but I would add:

Focus on building a team, which will help you get more ascension materials (AM). This means beating the three of Events (rare, epic, legendary), finish Rare Quests (Mount Umber currently) and finish Seasonal quests (Morlovia currently). Also, increasing your titan damage will help you (and your alliance) get more ascension materials. In short; focus on your attack team and not on your defense team for now.

Try to get one of your training camps to level 13 asap and build your base towards level 20 after that. While building your base to level 20, run training 13 non-stop. It will provide you with guaranteed 3* heroes and a possible chance on 4* heroes.

Knowing this, let’s move on:

  • Yellow. Ascend Wu Kong. Start it immediatly. He will help you get through difficult (event/quest) levels more easily. He will also increase your titan damage. Those two combined will most likely result into more frequently obtaining AM. After Wu Kong is maxed, I would continue with Joon and bring him to at least 3/70 before working on Li Xiu.

  • Blue. You have started with Boril who is a great mid-tier tank for your defense team. However, Kiril will be of much more value for above mentioned ways to obtain AM. He will boost your attack and defense significantly. I would stop with Boril and continue with Kiril. If you did not receive the 4* hero Sonya or Grimm by the time Kiril is maxed, just continue with Boril.

  • Purple. Not many choices, so continue with Sabina.

  • Red. Boldtusk is a fine hero, but so is Gormek. Since I have suggested to work on Kiril, I would stop working on Boldtusk and start working on Gormek. Gormek is one of the three heroes with the special skill ‘‘Ramming Pulverizer’’, which decreases the defense of the target + nearby enemies. This will help you deal more damage in general. After Gormek, I would continue with Boldtusk.

  • Green. Caedmon is a fine choice. With Sabina and Kiril you will not need Melendor for now.

However, in order to finish the rare (3*) challenge events you will also need 3* heroes.

Once you have some time to level up 3* heroes, work on:

  • Bane, Bane #2, Vlad, Tyrum, Hawkmoon, Valen
  • In the future, after receiving them: Brienne, Berden, Belith, Ulmer, Nashgar, Azar, Balthazar

Kailani and Gunnar could help you out quite a bit if you struggle to finish difficult quests or events. Their Spirit Link special ability allows you to make more moves, before your team needs another heal.

Don’t feed away any 3/4/5* heroes. Keep them all for now, until you have atleast 30 3/4/5*. If you’re in an alliance and participate to wars, you will need 5x6 teams = 30 heroes.

Hope this helps making your decisions somewhat easier.

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