Need help in advancing my Raid Defense team to the next level

Hello everyone, this is my very first post so be patient with me and I appreciate your time.

Here is my current team in order from left to right.

Magni - Kunchen - Ares - Onatel - Evelyn

Everyone except Evelyn has fully ascended. But I have finally got x6 Mysterious Tonic. However, I now have 4 other Green 5* heroes: Zeline, The Hatter, Kadilen, and Alberich. Who should I pick to be in my defense team.

  • The Hatter snatches all of the buffs and does decent damage with his special, but I am not sure if he is easily played around by other players.

  • Kadilen would be awesome that can help protect Ares from being sniped at by Specials. I would move Kadilen behind Ares and either move Kuchen or Onatel back.

  • I was thinking the same thing for Zeline, however I already have a mage on my team and her growth would only go as far as a ‘talentless’ level 80 but her special is awesome.

  • Alberich is an awesome healer and I was always intrigued by the resurrection bonus, which has come in handy albeit luck based. Though If I did ascend him my team would be too focused on healing and would need to have another heavy hitter which I have Sartana on the back burner ready to be ascended when I get the materials, and I would replace Kunchen with her.

  • Evelyn does decently well, but I theorize that her ability would be situational in Raid Defense especially since this is a 5-colored defense team, but I can’t verify this to be true or not.

So who would be most beneficial green hero to my current team and should I rearrange my heroes, if needed?

I just don’t want to regret my ascension choice and have to wait another 3+ months to get the materials to try again. Thank you in advance.

I would recommend Zeline. In addition to dropping attack, she also dispels enemy buffs. Alby is nice, but can resurrect just as well at 3/70. Same with Evie’s elemental debuff. Hatter is better on attack when you can control when you fire his special. Kadilen is just…meh.

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Agreed on Zeline, as she’s a great defender! You already have plenty of healing so would wait on Alby.

Zeline for sure!!! She removes buffs from enemy , decreases attack, hits, and has fast mana! Check out the top 100- she’s there:)

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Alby if you end up replacing Kitchen with Sartana

Zel if you end up keeping Kitchen