Need help gettingmain game back

Connected to wrong account this morning. Can not get back to sirfightsalot game. How do I get to device settings?

It is from German thread but maybe this helps


Assuming your problem is that you can’t get your game linked to your account, the pics @Sorsha linked should help. Here are the Small Giant support articles:


No matter what I do it will not connect to the 19sdavis account. When I clicked on the wrong tab to pick account it put the same game number on the new account. On the sirfightsalot54 account. I could not back out as it took me through the whole new player routine. So I am guessing that game is gone for good.

Our alliance leader is having the same problem! Support says it’s fixed but he just has a brand new game. Hoping someone has ideas. I will be checking back here to see if you get help.

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In general, once you have played all the way through the tutorial, you can change accounts and set it back to your old account. If this isn’t working, you should follow the Lost Account process:


Unfortunately no one can help outside of SGGs support team.

I think the game is lost. The new game has the same account identifier. No matter what I do the game will not come back. On the right email in Google play. My cards do not work since the 20.0update when you switched over to Google play. No use in starting over since I will never have a 5* hero. I had 20+ and about 40 4*. 17 months down the toilet. If there is a chance to get it back I would love it. This is my favorite game of all time now I may never be able to get where I was. Please let me know if there is something that can be done. Thank you. A very depressed sirfightsalot.

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Support knows all this? That’s where my alliance leader is, too. Waiting to hear back one more time…

I’m so sorry @Sirfightsalot. I’m not sure what I would do in the same situation…you could certainly create a story where your armies were annihilated & you were the last one standing & had to rebuild from scratch… There will always be more 5* heroes if you have the stomach for it… I wish support could fix it… :cry:

I believe what happened was the game took the 2nd available spot and kicked the 19sdavis to the trash. I believe you can not have the same account identifier on 2 games. I believe it has been overwritten. Yet my profile is still here.

I’m really sorry. That sounds awful. But perhaps not an impossible outcome. I don’t understand the intricacies of how Small Giant manages accounts on devices. But they do say:

“Please note that saving multiple accounts to the same device may lead to lost progress!”

Nevertheless, I believe that trying the Lost Account process is your best bet. If anyone can recover your missing account data, Small Giant support can do it. If there’s anything I can do to help you with the process, just let me know. I really hope they can help you.

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If I delete the new game that started it all. Could that maybe open a spot up to allow the game to see it maybe?

There are 3 games that are on the login pop up screen. Could 3 being there cause a problem?

My heart goes out to you dude, that’s depressing! Praying you find your account!

This brings up a thought I had before! My phone was acting up a couple months back and I thought my only option was to fix it was to reset the phone back to its factory settings. Luckily I didn’t have to, but if I did and the game got deleted from my phone, could I just click on the cloud button in the App Store on a new phone and it pick up where I left off??? Has anyone on here ever tried to play their same account on a new phone???

I would be very cautious about making further changes before support gets back to you. They should be able to advise you on what is safe to do and what isn’t. You can attach screenshots to your support request, to show them exactly what you’re seeing.

There is an attachment button at the bottom of the request creation page, or you can send them as replies to the acknowledgement email you get.

I had same problem after I got a new phone. I completed the tutorial and afterwards could change back to my normal account weather got same account number. I generally play with two accounts and both got same ID so that is as intended. Give it a try…

I believe what happened was when I hit the wrong game on the pop up screen it took me to a game I started about 10 months ago then was able to get my sirfightsalot game back so never thought about it untill the last update when the pop up screen started showing up. Then when I started the game with the same email it bumped sirfightsalot out of Google games and put the new game there. So I am awaiting a call from Google to Dee if they can fix the problem. How can I delete the sirfightsalot54 game? I have my original game I started with the kilnrat53. Don’t like the name but can change that. I know the game is still there because it will not let me put my name as sirfightsalot. Says it is being used.

It has been 7 weeks about I have asked for help getting this game back. I call Google they say they are good but it still not showing the pop up screen now. I can see the account but it will not load up. Google says it’s good on their end. Is there anything I need to do? I would like to get back to my team. Any help is appreaciated.

              Thank you

Hi @Sirfightsalot,
I’m not sure what exactly is your problem and what do you expect from the forum community. Maybe you could attach some screenshots to illustrate what’s going on and what do you try to achieve?

Did you submit a support request to SG and go through the lost account recovery process like I suggested in the other thread?

Edit: I’ve merged this thread with the last one.

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