Need help for defence team for war and raid

Hi all, need some help in selecting my defence team for war and raid. Was thinking of u6sing inari but not sure if she is good with defence. These are the heroes i have at the moment.


Pitty you decided to ascend the shark… you could use those mats for Kunchen, he would have solved your tank problem… Well, what’s done is done… Use your maxed 5*, Rigard and choose one from Triton, Sonya and Caedmon. Just might be enough for low diamond. The shark might be your best tank option so far, even if he isn’t much for that position… As for Inari, you don’t have many viable replacement options for now… Wu on defense is usually the first they go after and with his stats, he doesn’t usually survive long enough to cast… Li and Chao are out of the question for diamond. Good luck!

Mok-arr seem to work well with inari when i attack… haha…

Rigard, Gormek, Sonya, Zim, Li is probably your best bet for a generic stay at home defense. For wars you’d want to swap your heroes around based on the war aid.

Current team 1 is my raid defence and seems not too bad… and team 4 is my war defenceScreenshot_20190220-172527_Empires

What trophy range are we talking about with that raid defense?


You want to swap Rigard far left due to firing order he’ll get heal and cleanse off first incase your team has an ailment it will really help on defense.

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I recommended Gormek for the defense down benefit which works well woth Zim’s attack boost to all. You’ll maximise your AoE attacks from Zim and Li.

Having Sonya in the tank spot (pally talent defense boost too) means people will likely want to stack green to kill her. That’s where the red attack combo of Gormek and Zim will punish them hard, very hard.

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Will try that… and see how it goes overnight… now i put rigard-zim-sonya-gormek-li…

Cool good luck. I run this little trap team with success it keeps me around ~2500 cups overnight.

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Richard, Zim, Kunchen, Li, Little John.

Little john still at low lvl…

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