Need help deciding who to level

I’m at a crossroads and unsure on who to dedicate my levelling up to, I have just scored a 5* Richard and wondering if I should cease with boril who is 2/17 and was in line to be my backup tank…any and all help and guidance is appreciated.

Hi Gordon and welcome to the forum!
Seems like you are a 1-2 month new player so I’ll link you a topic there there are many useful links to start your journey at the best: Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

Richard is a pretty good hero and just like Captain Kestrel and Telluria can make a good tank but for he moment I would suggest you to focus on Epic heroes rather than Legenday ones as you could lack the materials to empower them to their last tier!

Boril is also a very fine tank.


I am a one/two month player is it that obvious haha I did read that yesterday it’s hard though I feel like a kid in a candy store when I come across a handy 4*/5*…
and by epic heroes do you mean 3-4*?

I mean 4*, they are divided as:

3* Rare
4* Epic
5* Legendary

Having a good amount of 3* and 4* is important to get early all of the limited time quest’s and event’s rewards :slight_smile:


thank you very much mate your guidance is muchly appreciated :heart:

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Firstly, welcome to the forum. I agree with @FraVit93 to work on your 3* & 4* heros - they are easier to ascend and are needed in events and various tournaments. They are also two places to win /earn AMs (ascension materials) needed to level up your heros.

Can I also suggest, if you’re not in one already, join a knowledgeable training alliance - check out alliance recruitment as there are many to choose from. They will have the expertise and will make the time to help you build a strong hero roster.

GL :smile:

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