Need help choosing next sorcerer and another hero to max

These are the 3 sorcerers I can max, but I only want to max 1 of them because I don’t have enough sorcerer emblems to put on more than one.

I have Saoirse maxed so Senan would get a family bonus, but I’d like one of these healers.

I have enough materials to max 2 of each color except red since I just maxed Zenobia. I only have 6 rings, but more than 12 darts, tabbards, scopes and tonics.

These are other heroes I’d be interested in maxing. If I do Xnolphod, I could do Akkarog. If I max Zuri, I would do either Bobo or Cathal.

I only want to max one hero in each color. I want to save the ascension materials for some of the future heroes that are coming along soon

Also, this is my troop situation. It is pretty close to the same for every color. I have a level 30 and 29 mana troop, a level 17 critical troop, a ninja troop over 10 and a 3rd mana troop around 7 that I will eventually get to level 23.

I haven’t leveled up a hero in awhile so I’ve been spending all my food on leveling troops for awhile

Director Zuri is A MUST! You won’t regre it she is an average healer and She extremely Good. Good Rooster and best of luck. :innocent:

But would Zuri and either Bobo or Cathal be better if than Xnolphod and Akkarog or one of the blues.

I do have Lidenbrock maxed already at +19 and Delilah with no emblems.

My only purple healer is Kunchen with no emblems. I always try to get Kunchen emblemed up and then a new shiny cleric comes along and pulls a him on the back burner

Xnolphod is a game changer, especially if you have Alfrike. Even more so in your case since you have a lvl 30 and lvl 29 mana troop. No brainer, ascend him.

You could then also ascend Senan. He will benefit from Xnolphod as well. I just pulled Xnolphod and am ascending him now. I have Alfrike +20 and Senan +19. :+1:t2:


I do have Alfrike at +18

I don’t have enough sorcerer emblems to boost more than one.

Also, I don’t want to max more than one of the same color. I want to hold onto materials to max some of those new heroes coming along soon

I do understand that. I like to hold mats for the next batch of heroes too. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

First off, either you are the luckiest person I know or wow you do alot of summoning.

Its very hard to choose btw Zuri and Xnolp, since I think they are both the top tier in healers at the moment - In this case I would almost say go with the one you like in terms of synergi and play style. I think Xnolp. is better to more aggressiv play both in terms of defense team and offence, and Zuri is better at prolonged fights.

Personally, I wouldn’t put emblems on heroes that aren’t going on your defense teams. If Zuri/Xnolphod aren’t going on defense, then go with Senan, then max Cathal and Xnolphod. In terms of healers, who do you have already?

I wish I had your problem, but again it comes down to what you need more and where you need to bulk up. Need better Holy Titan hits - Xnolphod (although he’d be good in other areas too), need a good all round healer - Zuri, need a fiend generator - Senan.

Based on the heroes I currently have I’d do Pirates of the Carribbean Davy Jones, I mean Xnolphod since he would benefit my roster the most.

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That’s a hard choice indeed…
I just have Senan from your choice and already maxed today +1 emblem.
While waiting some ham, I still not yet decide which path, but leaning for attack, as the base one is like quintus, and he does hit hard.

Xnolphod is game changer as mentioned,… but IMO, he is sturdy as an avarage healer without emblem, and you already have mana troop 23+, so no need “mana troop 11 plus mana class20”. But if plan to put on defense, then he need emblem to maximize.

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Don’t level heroes solely based on the family bonus (with the exception of Springvale). The slayers in general are not that good outside of rush. Bobo also only really excels in rush attack or pushing high rank in challenge events.

For the sorcerers, it’s definitely going to be either Xnolphod or Dir Zuri. The choice will depend on the rest of your roster.

  • If you have lots of average or slow speed purple heroes already maxed and emblemed, Xnolphod is probably the better choice. Xnolphod makes all purple average and slow speed heroes charge in 9 tiles. (also can make Alfrike+19 with lvl29 mana troop into 9 tiles)
  • If you don’t already have lots of yellow healers (Prof Lidenbrock, Delilah, etc) I would do Dir Zuri

You don’t have to bring your sorcerer’s to +20 if you have lvl23 troops in purple and yellow. Just bring them to +18 or +19 and that will help save emblems for another sorcerer.

Out of the bottom 3 heroes you showed, I would ascend Akkorog first unless you have Odin maxed or are very deep in holy roster depth.

edit: one exception to what I wrote above is if your alliance runs purple tanks and you don’t have a top tier purple tank (e.g. Bera) or top tier rush attack purple tank (alfrike, maybe kunchen, etc). In that case prioritize war tank and ascend/emblem Senan.

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