Need help choosing blue players

I’m new and still unsure about what to do around here. I have Olaf, Brand, and Sigrunn what’s a better starter as well as in the long run. Please help

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In the longer run, 1* and 2* are “food” - used for levelling up 3*+ hero’s, never kept.

In time you’ll pick up some 3* hero’s and unless you’re paying for summons, it could be a little while - you might get lucky with summon tokens or daily summons in the meantime.

You’ll want to work on getting your stronghold levelled up and your training camps with it (you’ll need to upgrade farms, mines and storage to get there)… After a while you’ll be able to train your own 3* hero’s, then 4* and even 5* with luck, but that’s later.

For now, you want to be filling up your monster, raid and titan chests - a bit of luck sees you get an epic summon token.

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WHo are the rest of your heroes? You will see this question asked a lot every time someone asks for help choosing heroes to ascend or just keep. There are variety of roles for the players, generally classified as healers, buffers, debuffers, and snipers. To create a good team, it’s not enough to have good heroes, it’s important to achieve balance and synergy. Tell us who the rest of your heroes are at the moment, and we’ll be able to help you out better.

For your first 2* team, on your way to your first 3* team, you’ll want to pick heroes that deal damage with their specials. You’re not going to use them long.

Sha-Ji is the only 2* healer, so that’s your healer. Don’t worry if your best heroes aren’t a perfect rainbow team, you’ll get more options soon.

It takes a lot of time and materials to ascend 4’s and 5’s, so focus on 3s as much as you can until you have 15 leveled. By then, you’ll probably have 4’s to move onto.

Bane, Layla, Borgan, Shaji, and Olaf

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Bane and Layla are good snipers, Sha Ji is a healer, you need them. Keep Olaf, he’s help you survive. Brogan is a little redundant, but he’ll do for now. If you can get a hold of another healer (Hawkmoon, Belith) or a buffer (Brienne), you can put them instead of Brogan.

You want at least 1-2 healers in your team, at least 1-2 snipers (good damage to a single enemy), and at least 1 support hero (defense increase, attack increase, enemy defense decrease, enemy attack decrease etc.)

Thank you that’s a big help

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So olaf is okay? He increases defense

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Yes, he is your buffer (buffs defense). As you progress, you will get better players. My advice is don’t neglect your 3* heroes when you start getting 4*. Having a variety of heroes is just as important as their quality, you will discover that when you learn to color-stack and participate in Alliance Wars. For the same reason, don’t start leveling your 5* when you get one. Ask here, let people know who the 5* hero is and what other heroes you have. Many 5* heroes are not as good until they are maxed, and they are A LOT harder to max than 4* heroes. For now, focus on building a 3* army unless you get a quality 4*. And train your heroes with heroes of the same color, more experience that way.

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Thank you, this really helped me out

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Anytime, sis. My account is named after Balthazar, he’s practically Nightshade’s uncle. When you finally pull him (he’s a 3* hero), you show uncle Balltaser (you’ll see why I call him that) some love. He’s a brutal 3* sniper, will serve you well.

Hi, welcome to the forum! There are some awesome people around here who will provide outstanding advice as you progress.

As a complete beginner, I would avoid listening to longer term advice however well intentioned or sincere. The progression is that you get your initial heroes of which one is Bane, you have to keep him, he is vital to your progress. Lock the heroes you want to keep by clicking the icon in ‘heroes’ and clicking the lock icon. You will get duplicates of some of your heroes, keep one original and feed duplicates and same coloured heroes to each other. In fact, keep at least one copy of every unique hero you get at this stage.

Mostly, enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum and to the game.
When you have some time, read this post. You might find it useful.


Surely that must be Berden? Green, 3 star, Ranger (an archer in his hero card) with the 34% to target (enemy) attack down for 6 turns special skill? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s Brogan, I believe. Green, 2-star, looks like the uncle who gets drunk on Christmas and tries to fight random people? :slight_smile:

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I’m on board now! Brogan, Green 2 star, fighter, 200% to target and nearby.

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Ach, I thought I was clever working that out and putting it on the other thread, and here you were ahead of me by 11 hours.

Mr Smartie thought the OP had Morgan and was on the wind-up :laughing:

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He’s just too quick to dish it out and then acts like everyone is harassing him. WTF is he thinking, telling moderators to not “waste their breath” on the new members? He pulled that in another thread with more seasoned members, and when they gave him the taste of his own medicine, he started acting like he was bullied.

Yeah, I saw that. Anyway, there’s some great advice for new players on both threads, so even when someone posts pretending to be new, which I’m sure is not the case here, answering them helpfully will help all the new bods who haven’t signed up to the forum yet or are too shy to post on their own behalf.

I remember how sad I felt eating my levelled 2*, they had given me such good service, but it was time to move on. (Let us say “retiring to train” rather than “eating”, it’s much less gruesome.) Fortunately I found this forum before I started to eat the 3*…

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Yeah, it is important to make new guys to feel welcome. Discounting them as not worth our breath is a very elitist and arrogant approach.
In this game, it is very easy to get confused when you are new, I was leveling my 5* before my 3* were ready. In fact, I was feeding 3* to my 5*. When I started getting curious about the game, I realized what a mistake that was. Lesson learned, but who knows how long it would have taken me to learn that lesson had I not wandered here.

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