Need help! Build a team


Im a returning player with a rather small roster. Would love to get some feedback on what to run as my general defense team, in raids and for titans respectively.

So far I went with 1 team for all content (except for titans where I stack one colour if possible):

Sabrina 3/60
Kiril 4/70
Gormek 4/70
Justice 2/60
Caedmon 4/70

I sometimes switch out sabrina for tarlak.
I just got Wilbur and have evelyn, gadeirus and zimkitha almost not leveled at all, so Im really torn who I should level to build an efficient team.

What about tarlak, sonya, justice, wilbur, sabrina for defense?

Would appreciate any feedback on which heroes to focus! Thanks

Red: Finish Gormek with 2* feeder red, start Boldtusk with 1* red, then Wilbur, Scarlett
Blue: Sonya, 2nd Kiril, 2nd Sonya (both heroes are worth dup)
Green: Evelyn to 2.60, Gadeirus, 2nd Caedmon
Yellow: Finish Kailani, Chao
Purple: Sabina the only one

Do not ascend any legendary heroes 1st. Stop at 2.60, except maybe Evelyn (worth VS blue Titan). If you have AM ready, ascend 4* 1st. Because 4* at 4.70 is better then 5* at 3.70. And 5* material cost = 2x 4* heroes.
Best is focus on epic, do not touch legendary, until you get minimum 3x epic maxed each color.


In general, I agree with @jinbatsu. Exception is Evelyn. I see all 5* you have are at 2.60. That tells me you don’t have AM ;ascension material). I’d focus on the 4* and probably would t bother on the 5* for a while. If you have enough 4*, then maybe a 5*, but I don’t think you’re there yet.

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