Need help best 5 for defense and best 5 for attack also best 5 for titan

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Hi @Untamedbeast,

I am sure you will get many suggestions and I look forward to the discussion. Before offering an opinion, though, are you aware that several folks have compiled rankings of heroes? A popular one was created by @Anchor (though may be maintained by others, now) that you can find here: Anchor’s Hero Grading

You’ve been reading the forum for a while, so I image that you’ve already looked at the many resources on these topics. Here is one for Titans, for example. I’ll add my two cents by saying that you have Wu Kong maxed, so you likely already use him for Titans, though I would recommend Miki (even at 3.70) for red Titans. Obviously, there isn’t a “best five” for Titans since you’ll likely want a distinct team for each elemental Titan. I also anticipate that others will ask what Titans are you fighting? The heroes I used for five and six star Titans don’t all work now that my alliance is fighting much tougher Titans.

Another resource you might consider for building your defense team is Titan Mafia’s ranking of hero popularity by position. Alasie is very popular as a left or wing, for example, while Marjana often appears in the right wing position.

Just as I don’t think you’ll have just one, set team for attacking Titans, I also think you’ll have distinct teams depending upon who you’re attacking. Before we can help you with that, you’ll have to tell us how you go about raids. Do you go monochrome, 3-2, 3-1-1?

Looking forward to the responses.


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