Need help and advice on how to access my lost account

Hello, so i recently got a new phone and in the process of transfering my data i lost my progress. I contacted support twice about the issue and they answered the same, showing me how to switch google play accounts. Now here is the thing, i only have one account. The problem is that i lost my data, but i know for a fact that my account is still somewhere there cause i can see it on my brothers account(we are in the same alliance). I gave support everything they needed plus receipts of my transactions but i feel like they just dont read what i write. It feels like they responds with automated messages, i really dont know how to deal with it anymore. And sorry for the letter, im just getting kind of depressed, i spent quite some time playing so i dont want it to end this way. Any idea on how i should proceed?

Hi @Wardoom, welcome back to the Forum!

And sorry to hear you’re going through that. :confused:

Unfortunately, the Forum is just for peer player support, SGG Staff don’t address account issues here. We’re all just fellow players (including me).

The only thing I can suggest is what it sounds like you’ve already been doing, contacting Support and providing all of the items they ask for in this article:

The only thing to maybe check is that your ticket is clear that you’re switching devices not accounts, since they’ve been responding with how to switch accounts.

Please post an update on whether you get it resolved, I can try to bring it to someone’s attention if it doesn’t go anywhere after a third try.

But I’m hoping if you contact them again it’ll get resolved. :crossed_fingers:


Thank you im on it. I hope they dont ban me from support for asking too much.

I’m very doubtful that support will ban you for asking for more information. I had an issue that required several back and forth e-mails with SG and never got the impression that they would ban me.

Keep asking, respectfully, and hopefully they’ll be able to help you fix it. Other players with the same issue have said support was able to eventually get it back for them.


Several emails back and forth, so should i respond to the emails or submit a new request?

I would respond to the same e-mail. Let them know further details, if you have them.

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Hang in there, had the same problem yesterday. Support fixed it this morning, just make sure you give them all the info they asked for


Thanks for posting! Often times, it’s hard to tell for me as just a plain old forum user how things go for people with support on some of these issues. I’m glad to hear your problem got resolved well.


I agree with @princess1, I’d respond to the existing ticket. That’s usually what Support has suggested in similar cases.

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Hello, i replied to heir email and got this as response: I double-checked your account and I can confirm your game is connected to Google Play with the username xxxxxxxxx. To recover your progress, please make sure you are signed into the correct Google Play account. At the moment, according to our logs, you are using a Google Play account with the username yyyyyyyyy for the new game account yyyyyyy on your device. I dont wanna exclude any possiblity on my side that i have not been clear about it, but i am pretty sure i told them that’s exactly my problem right there ( i dont have access to that account anymore!!!) the new account yyyy is the same as xxxx. Just that (let’s be honest) i deleted my play game profile (not really on purpose) and i went back to level 1 lost all achievements and progress. when i deleted my google play profile i was given a new name (yyy) which i imediately changed to the old one but it did not change the issue. Maybe i am still not clear about it, but please do let me know how i can be more clear.

So if I’m understanding correctly, basically what happened was:

  • You had an account with your game profile

  • You deleted your game profile

  • You created a new account

  • You renamed the new account to have the same name as the old account (but it’s still a different account, even if it’s named the same)

In that case, I think what you need to be clear about is that you don’t have access to the original account because you’ve deleted it.

Does that sound right?

Yes, but i believe the way i explained it leads to that conclusion?! I have been telling them i dont have access to that account anymore, so why do they keep saying i need to switch account? It’s a bit frustrating…

I’m not sure, unfortunately, and I’m on iOS so the whole process works differently — so I don’t have personal experience with Google Play accounts.

On iOS you’d just log back into the account again, and you’d really have to go out of your way to be able to delete the account completely as opposed to just removing it from Game Center.

I think you should try emailing and explaining again, and perhaps link to this thread as well.

I think you just really explicitly want to say something like:

My game profile is attached to a Google Play account that I deleted. How do I recover my game profile when I can’t log into my Google Play account any more? (Assuming that’s accurate.)

I’m also going to message Staff to point out this thread to them. That doesn’t always accomplish anything (especially since they’re clearly dealing with other things too at the moment), but it can’t hurt.


I’d say it differently:

“Even though the account is named XXX, it is not the same XXX account as used to be connected to my E&P data. I deleted that account, and created a new one. So despite the name you’re seeing looking like everything is ok, I actually need to have my current account connected back to my game data.”


Hi @Wardoom,

I have just sent you a direct message on here regarding this issue. Please check your Forum Mailbox. :slight_smile:


Hello, and sorry for the late reply, i did not want to bother you for nothing. Replying to the emails was the key, they solved it real fast after i replied. Thank you all for your help, much appreciated. Im back enjoying my lovely heroes… Thx again!!!


@Wardoom I’m thrilled to hear you got it resolved! :slight_smile:


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