Need for mission TP levels

Asgard or whatever you call it is ridiculous hard. I throw my strongest team of 3800 and each hit I take is over 300pts. I do a measly 15-30 a tile and with there health 1500+ it’s almost impossible…

So why don’t they post suggested TP levels for story mode?

If you’re only doing 15-30 per tile you must be running a rainbow team which is less than ideal. You need to stack heroes based on the weak colors of the enemies in each stage. Yes the enemies hit harder, but that’s part of the challenge.

Or you are using a stack of heroes that are weak to most monsters and boss.

Usually I use a 3-2, 3 on the boss, 2 on the monster waves, with two healers (one HOT one normal). Favourite combo:

CRigard, Mitsuko, Khiona, BT, Proteus, all full emblems

The bad news is Valhalla is hard! Stacking and healing are your friends, but even with a 4000 plus team you might need some items to keep everyone alive


I use a rainbow team on all map and quest levels, and my TP is just shy of 3700.

So I know it’s doable.

Ideally, if you wanna run rainbow, and you’re out-matched [strength-wise], you need a few things:

  1. Two healers [preferred] with both contributing to other buffs or effects in some way (mana gen, attack up, HOT, defense up, cleansing, etc.)
  2. Mana control, with mana block being preferred (Hel or Proteus), but really, any mana controller would be better than nothing (ie mana cuts or lowered mana gen)
  3. Defense down, as this will allow all tiles and SS to hit harder - especially if you’re able to bring an attack buffer with you, as well

I use 3/70 5* to get the job done (Alby to HOT gain mana and revive, Athena for defense down, Hel for mana block and Drake for blind on 3) + my costumed Boldtusk as my 2nd, immediate healer + attack up

Depending on what you’re working with, there’s plenty of stronger 4* that will do a similar job for you. & If that’s not enough, well then there’s always items, too.

But honestly, if the stages are too much - where you’re expending more resources than you can realistically make up in that amount of time - then I’d put it on the back-burner til you get a little stronger. Valhalla will still be waiting for you, when you do. & At least by then, more heroes will be released in the portal, allowing you a shot at em all at once :slightly_smiling_face:

Lemme know if you have any questions, and good luck! :grin:


I double up against the majority/major of the enemy. Lately the enemies are purple/yellow/random boss color or mixture. So my stack usually consists of double purple or yellow. One issue I have is the lack of tiles. Idk what it is, but I will try continue through. I just wish there was a suggested TP level. I know it would be beneficial to alot of players like myself that is still trying to max level everything.