Need fixed Legendary hero, player reached level 50, 60, 70, 80, 90,100 and soon


Some players are not getting even 10 legendary hero even after reaching level 50.

So, give a fixed legendary heros as gift from level 50 and every 10 levels, that is at level 60 another fixed legendary hero.

In the same way, gift 4* troops at level 45, 55, 65,70, 75,80,85 and so on.

Good luck with your request. You might want to vote for it too :woman_shrugging:?

There are so many players higher than Level 50 who didn’t get the rewards you are suggesting they should have gotten. I’m not sure how to make it fair for all?


I’d certainly enjoy this, but sg & rng will never allow it.

A nice idea, but one that will never be implemented. How would players already approaching lvl 100 be compensated? They’ll most likely already have any/all heros they want, so would SG just give them the next 5 HotM or event cards?

There is the seed of a workable idea in this, but not with hero cards, imo.

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Even a gold token at some of the major breakpoints (and ETT occasionally as well) would be welcome… And if the level 100 people get 5 extra EHTs they don’t need, at least they get a couple of free pulls at Krampus.


They will compensate to all , it fixed legendary hero like Bane 3* yellow hero, when we start the new game.

In the same at these level milestones, fixed legendary hero they should gift to all who crossed.

Every player will get same hero same troop as well.

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This request has no vote at all and that probably shows a lot.

If you run 3 TC20 for about 10 months you are likely get every single S1 legendary hero (this was confirmed by many players). So, there is no reason to “equalise” the number of heroes at certain levels.

On contrary, people would intentionally lower 5*s or avoided TC20 just to get this gift.
What would make sense is something like adding EHT and S3 coins every 5 levels. That way would keep the usual way of getting heroes.


Why not though?

By that, I mean giving EHTs upon leveling up after a certain level.

Not every 5 levels. Every level up after a certain point should give you an EHT. The common summon tokens are 99.9% garbage, and a really sad “reward” for leveling up. The best reward I’ve seen for leveling up is being able to hit the titan 3 extra times.

That’s great and all, but… how about some emblems or something to help sweeten the pot?


I have two running for 18.5 months now and still am missing out on 4 s1 5* hero’s so I guess you are a bit too optimistic here.
But I do not support this idea either, I could use some decent 5* hero’s to use up the stockpile of maths I have gathered but I don’t think this is the way to do it.

I’m at player level 109 now and have received an EHT at each level-up since reaching level 101. The XP requirements to level-up beyond level 100 are insane though (>4 million XP).


sadly… no money… no “gift” =(

Wow! I did not know that. But then, I’ve also never known anyone who has passed level 100.

Congratulations on that! And thanks for the info!

You must be one hell of a dedicated player. :+1:

Thanks! Yes, I’m fairly dedicated to daily XP farming.

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You are wishing for a Comet Halley.

Even Free EHT or ETT every 10/5 levels (unless you are above 100) is already like wishing for a rainbow in sunny day.

This company won’t do it anyway. They are now Profit-Friendly not User-friendly :laughing:. Sad but it’s true AF

Maybe not relevant as I no longer play…but this has also been refuted by many, myself included. I ran 2x tc 20 for 18 months continuously, the other 2 intermittently for a year. My rewards? Precisely 2 5* cards. Elena and Elkanen. Probably an extreme example of bad luck, but it happens, and happens to a lot of players.

I think the proposed odds of getting a 5* card (put at roughly 4 or 5% by the wider community) is an average and, as such, requires both your and my example to be anywhere near accurate. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve always thought an EHT every 10th level would be a nice thing for everyone. But I guess people in hell want Ice water as well huh :man_shrugging:

Sorry za offtopic, nevím jak jinak tě kontaktovat. Ještě berete členy do aliance? Odpověď klidně na email benediktv (at) díky.

I’ve been running at least one TC20 straight for about 2-1/2 years and I am still missing one 5*. I also have a couple that I did not get from TC20 at all but from EHT or 10-pulls.

There are two problems with this suggestion.

  1. The hero you are missing is different for every player. Most would end up with a duplicate. Many here complain about multiple Quintus or Obakan from TC20, I have only ever pulled one Obakan and I only got Quintus from a 10-pull. Now Richard … I have four and counting.
  2. For me (and probably for many f2p/vc2p players) the main issue is not shortage of 5* heroes but shortage of ascension mats for them. Half the time I am leveling 3* or 4* heroes still because I am missing a Tome or Rings or Darts.

Note also, I am level 65 and only missing one.

The problem with fixed heroes as you are suggesting is if they are powerful then everyone would use the same heroes in their defence teams, which would make raids boring for everyone! And if they are not powerful then it’s kinda pointless getting them because ppl will complain about that too. I’m a little tired honestly of people begging for heroes. After nearly 4 years I’m proud of my hero deck and it’s variety. I’m a cheap to play guy, but I have amassed about 35 5* in that time very many of those from tc 20. I went a very long time running 4 tc20 camps. For every hero /troop/ item given away for free it makes my entire account devalued. We have all been at the start line but through hard work and determination we have gained what we have now and not because it’s been simply handed to us

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