Need fine gloves

такая же проблема компас есть перчаток нет((((

Continuing my issues with getting Fine Gloves, I have 15 4* heroes waiting for Fine Gloves to level up. This is ridiculous. The only way to buy them was in a $29.99 package, and it was only one! So, how do I get them? The frustration continues. I have stopped participating in raids, leveled up 4* heroes and five star win 70-80% of the time, taking the fun out of this. I have one five star hero after 1 year of play and just got it in October. So, leveling up my 4* heroes is the only way to compete. Yet, I cannot get Fine Gloves! Help from the developers is needed!

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Entra a alguna alianza mejor, los guantes es el objeto que más abundaScreenshot_20191215_235954_com.smallgiantgames.empires

On Dec 2 there was an offer of gloves plus 200 gems for 2 USD. Quantity 3 available.

Hi Mate,

You can get Fine Gloves from a variety of sources:

  • Rare Quest - Farholm Pass [Theorised frequency HERE
  • Titan Loot
  • War Loot
  • Tournament Loot
  • War Chest
  • Monster chest
  • PvP Chest (raid)
  • Elemental Chests
  • Titan Chest
  • Mystic Vision
  • Monthly Event Completion Loot
  • Monthly Event Tiering Loot
  • Seasonal Event Completion Loot
  • Mission Completion (Specifically Atlantis on Normal)

Finally, as you identified there are a couple ways you can buy Fine Gloves:

  • Seasonal offers (Like the December Christmas calendar)
  • Spot offers (like the one you identified & purchased)
  • In the Shop - This is a Gem Cost & isn’t guaranteed to give you gloves… could get something better or worse
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For you people that have 40+ fine gloves… I speak for everyone else when I say “We hate you!!” lol.
FIne Gloves are what I never have either, right now I have plenty of Heroes but no gloves. I have enough compasses and orbs, blades and shields… but no gloves. :frowning:


If you need more chances at fine gloves you should not do this. Filling more hero chests will give you more chances at getting the gloves. The more Monster and Hero chests you fill, the faster you will get an Element Chest, which is yet another chance at the gloves.


I guess I’ve been rather lucky - get compass a few times, get gloves a few times.
Its not like I have that many 4/5 stars waiting on leveling up - F2P. I am waiting on Poison Darts though.

I always seem to lack gloves also. Not that I have excessive amounts of other mats, but many heroes stuck waiting only for gloves at 2/60 for 5* or 3/70 for 4*.

Never had this problem. Compasses and gloves seems like something that will start stacking in my inventory without doing any effort. I have a surplus now of 14/13. What I found really hard to get are Damascus Blades. I have drop just 2 after 7 months of playing the game. I wish you the best of lucks from now on OP.

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It just goes to show you: It’s always something. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. One time your 2 Lvl20 training camps don’t produce anything but 3-star heroes for six months, the next time you have a bunch of 4-stars but no gloves or compasses! And don’t even get me started on 5-star ascension materials…

(With apologies to Rosanne Rosannadanana)

Nothing in this game moves fast, and everything balances out in the end. Once you resign yourself to this, you’ll have a much more pleasant playing experience.

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You make it sound like there are many ways to get the Fine Gloves. I am active daily at least 2x and participate in everything except I recently got too frustrated with Raids. I have played over a year and have 13 times received Fine Gloves. But I have 15 4* Heroes waiting. I could also say my luck getting 5* Heroes is poor, since I only have one. At my level and experience, it is frustrating to play. That is one reason I stopped playing Raids. Raids were no longer fun. I appreciate your list much more than I can say. I also appreciate the other replies. I will go back into Raids after taking a few more days off. I know this game is a grind of endurance. I did pay around $40 to try to get some items and Heroes during the last Atlantis . I will stick to the monthly bonus payment. I need the developers to understand how close I came to quitting, which cannot be their goal. Again, this Forum with you other players is what will keep me playing here. Happy Holidays to all and Happy Festivus to the Rest-Of-Us. (slur that to make it rhyme).

It’s not. But if they make things too easy to get, they run a big risk that the whole game falls apart. It’s a balancing act…

I make it sound like there are lots of places because there are… Lots of places you have a CHANCE at getting gloves.

In addition to Fine Gloves there are:
7x Epic ascension materials (4* ones)
6x other Unfarmable Rare ascension materials (3* ones)
4x farmable Rare ascension materials (3*)
6x 2* ascension materials
4x 1* ascension materials

Each of those materials ALSO have a chance of appearing in ALL of the places I mentioned above (except for Elemental Chests which have no chance at 1 & 2* mats).

As for being near to quitting well… If you can’t accept that this game is a long-term game about the grind then maybe its not for you.

Mats are rare for 2 reasons:

  1. Because the game is about the grind
  2. To encourage spending in the 3 spots listed above for those who don’t want to wait.

For me personally, after playing for nearly 2 years I have 62 Fine Gloves sitting in my inventory (with 52 already used). Some of those came from purchases with deals for the 4* materials (+ gems) most tho have come from killing titans. Others from the various other sources at various times.

I remember barley getting any compasses and fine gloves… I remember getting the first set and having to think for a while who would get it, Scarlett or Colen (Scarlett did, she was my first 4*). But once you start powering up more and more 4* and THEN 5* you start being stronger and doing better in raids and Titans and events.

After I would say 14 months I have 13 gloves and 30 compasses in my inventory and quickly counting I have used 38. Also have 12 dimascus blades and 8 tomes of tactics (only enough other materials to use 4 sets) and used 8 so far.

As others have said, doing everything you can helps. Monster chests and raid chests both can give you the materials and can be rare chests with higher chances. If you are skipping raid chest not only do you not get those rewards but that’s less chances to spawn a rare elemental chest!

Once I was able to stay in platinum raids I saw unfarmable materials more often (not every day but more often than when I was in gold). The new raid tournaments is great to help fill up a chest with an extra 2 flags. Even if you don’t do so well you can get things from the rewards (I got some unfarmable item the other week and I was only top 50%).

Same thing with Titans, hitting 3* Titans with A+ rank isn’t going to give you that many chances. Hitting bigger Titans with a lower score will (there’s info on here about what ranks and levels give you how many rolls, I don’t have it off hand). I am usually getting A+ or at least A in my alliance and we are fighting 7* and 8* Titans. I somewhat regularly find the 3* unfarmable items and occasionally the 4*. I can definitely see a difference between now and back when we were on 5*.

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I went through this early this year. No gloves for months. Now I have managed to collect a few but I have no hidden blades. And very few Tomes.

Below is one reason why, on average, newer players will have fewer gloves than compasses. Because the guaranteed rewards were not balanced.

People who have dozens of 3* ascension mats have been playing for a long time. After about 9 months it stops becoming much of an issue, assuming you are in an Alliance at Titan tier IX or above.

We haven’t seen all the re-worked Challenge Events yet to see whether this has been addressed.

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I once was seeking tall boots with a passion, now its all about the 4* items, with more gloves, compasses etc that I can use … Ever … it will come just grind away mate.

This is a reasonable explanation for the situation, a small systematic problem in rewards distribution combined with RNG can lead to this deficit.

The post above mine summarizes things nicely. The game makes you have a deficit by giving you a lot of rare items To ascend a hero you need three things (like 4* mats plus blade plus tome or 3* mats with compass and gloves)

Mathematically it is nearly impossible to come out even with all these items. You will go from a fine glove deficit to a tome deficit to an emblem deficit etc. Then the offers come and you feel so good to get the things you lack!

I’m showing my stash. I have only a few tomes so even though I am flush with 3* I am in the same boat as everyone else in the game. It never ends!


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